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Date of Birth: 03/12/1965

Age: 51

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: Russia

My Star

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Artistic biography Tatiana Lyutaeva can be described as very successful. Bright young movie star, actress Vilnius Russian Drama Theatre, the organizer of Russian film festivals in Lithuania, a successful performer of roles in the TV series ratings - and thus several times the actress had to start from scratch, and it is again and again achieved success.

Tatiana B. Lyutaeva, her first husband Ditkovskene - a native of the city of Odessa. She was born March 12, 1965 in the family of a geologist and a psychiatrist, a speech therapist, and she dreamed about unusual professions. At first, the girl wanted to join the circus and work with trained predators, but eventually opted for the theater. In high school, Tatiana studied at the School of Art, where she studied the basics of theatrical skill. Immediately after the prom she went to Moscow. The first attempt to admission to the legendary VGIK has been successful, and Tatiana was enrolled in a course of a famous actor A. Batalov well. At the same time it studied at the directing department Tigran Keosayan, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Alexander Bashirov, but fell in love with Tatiana arrived from Lithuania Olegas Ditkovskisa who first invited her to star in his student etude, then he handed an engagement ring with a marriage proposal.

During the preparation of graduation performance `Ten` director Svetlana Druzhinin invited Tatyanuna samples for the film` Come on, midshipmen! `. Diploma GITISa Lyutaeva received in 1986, and the next day started filming. A year later, the whole country watched with bated breath the adventures involved in the whirlpool of palace intrigue Yaguzhinskii Anastasia, her relationship with midshipman Korsakov and the Chevalier de Bril. Young actress lacked experience, its role voiced Anna Kamenkova and famous love song sung Svetlana Tarasova. But the aristocratic profile, slim figure and noble movements forced to empathize with the hero duped Boyarsky, confusion repeats `My Star!`. Indeed, Tatiana Lyutaeva become a real star, she received many offers from the directors, but before the end of shooting `Gardemarinov` learned of her pregnancy with her husband and moved to Vilnius.

Against expectations, the city adopted a foreign Lyutaeva well. In May 1988, her daughter Agne (Agnes) was born. Shortly before that of the Russian Drama Theatre in Vilnius famous left, Elina Bystritskaya and Lyutaeva has become one of the leading actresses. She played in Emmie `Invitation to kazn`, Nastasia in` Idiote`, Katharina in The Taming stroptivoy` `,` Olga in Three sestrah` and many other wonderful roles. Lyutaeva perfectly learned the Lithuanian language in which to communicate and in the family. From time to time, Tatiana and again appeared on the screen - in the films `onasnimalas Lady with popugaem` (1988),` family vurdalakov` (1990), `Seven days after ubiystva` (1991),` Viva gardemariny` (1991), ` kvadrat` black (1992) and others.

Over time, the relationship between Tatiana and Olegas deteriorated and the family split up. Soon Tatiana married a second time. Her husband was Rokas Ramanauskas, whose father, Romualdas, he played in the famous movie `The Long Road in dyunah`, and his mother, the actress Egle Gabretayte, performed together with Tatiana on the same stage. In 1999, Tatiana and Rokas a son Dominic. In the late nineties the Vilnius Russian Drama Theatre began to experience hard times. Tatiana began to take part in commercial artistic projects - to organize festivals of Russian cinema, invite in Vilnius famous movie stars. At first all went well, we came to Vilnius Nikita Mikhalkov, Sergei Zhigunov, Dmitry Kharatyan. However, some projects have been, and failures, and after an unsuccessful concert Jan Arlazorova festival organizers were in debt, part of which came on Tatiana. Her second marriage to this time also collapsed, and in 2004 the actress with the children moved to Moscow. She rented an apartment, sent her daughter to a Lithuanian school and began to look for work in movies and television series.

In 2004, Tatiana Lyutaeva starred in `Dura`, where she played the role of Irina Polushubkovoy, actress and a rival of the main character. Viewers remember Tatiana and in the famous TV series `Esenin` (2005), where she played Olga Diteriks-thick. Among other prominent roles Lyutaeva - Elvira `izyubrya` Hunt (2005), lekarka of` Wolfhound of the Gray psov` (2006), Jeanne in the series `koltso` Engagement (2008-2011), Flerov in` Widow`s parohode` ( 2001), and others. in just ten years, Tatiana Lyutaeva starred in eighty films and serials. Among her recent works - antrepriznom play `Conspiracy in angliyski`, action series` Heterosexual Major Sokolova` and author Catherine Shagalova film `Bertsy`.

In 2006, the actress married again, her third husband was the operator Dmitry Mishin. In the film `Zhara` (2006) debuted Ditkovskite Agnes, who played the main character, played the role of her lover Alex Chadov and most Tatyana got the role of the mother of the protagonist. Given that a few years later became the husband of Agnes Chadov shooting in this movie were truly prophetic. June 5, 2014 Tatiana Lyutaeva became a grandmother, Alexis and Agnes was born a son named Theodore. The actress gladly accepted the news and tries to dedicate the child all his spare time. With the third spouse Tatiana Lyutaeva now also divorced. The actress admits that her heart is not currently available, but the name of his new chosen one is not called.

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