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Date of Birth: 06/06/1904

Age: 88

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Happy old woman!

In 1930, the German Communist philosopher Hans Teybler brought to Berlin from Moscow`s young wife Tatiana. It is a pleasure to introduce her to your friends and colleagues, helped to get the post of typist in the Soviet trade mission and to strive for the adoption of the wife in the Communist Party of Germany. It seemed that she forgets the name of Peltzer forever ...

When he learned that Tatiana Teybler - a former stage actress, famous director Erwin Piscator, invited her to his statement "Inta" on the play Glebova. But with all the well-being of life abroad, in spite of love for her husband and even their own German roots, Tatiana could not long remain outside the country. It does not go well her fate away from home. Hans lived with a total of four years, she persuaded him to leave.

In 1931, Tatiana returned to the Soviet Union and re-takes the name of the father - Peltzer. Soon it turned out of the Mossovet Theater, she once again sit behind the typewriter, only this time at an engineering plant, where the chief designer has worked her brother Alexander. Then he will try his hand at the genre of miniatures, compere, her first major film role will be on the shelf in the long eleven years. There will be many tears and disappointments will come before national recognition and love of several generations of viewers. However, Tatiana Peltzer at that time be forty-seven years.

What was the beginning? The bright and promising. At the scene Tanya came in nine years in the role of Obadiah in the play "Quo Vadis". And to work in the following statement - "Noble Nest" - the first time she received a fee. At eleven years old Tanya Peltzer played Serge Karenina and impressionable ladies carried out of the room without feeling: so they acted farewell scene with Anna`s son. All performances put Ivan R. Peltzer. He became the first and only daughter of a teacher. A creative universities served the boards of provincial scenes from Kiev to Nakhichevan.

From Tatiana`s father inherited the priceless gift of a living vision of the world, unusual and always unexpected perception of life itself. It is said that it was generally very similar to it, especially in temperament. One of the first Republic honored artists Ivan Peltzer starred in many movies: "Lone White Sail", "Bear", "Great Life", before the revolution, he put movies. He was not only a famous actor, but also an active entrepreneur, educator. In short, he could well attach his daughter actress, and indeed to find the age of "warm place". But it was not so easy. Something prevented creative welfare Tatiana Peltzer.

Can I say to her lack of education. Maybe it hurts her undisguised merchant or origin of this unusual marriage. Maybe a long unsettled both Peltzer linked to the fate of Alexander - the beloved brother of Tatiana Ivanovna. Not finished MADI, he was convicted under Article 58 (for counter-revolutionary activities) and served two years. It`s dark history, and now, after so many years, nobody will clarify. Over time, Alexander Peltzer became interested in the development of the first Soviet racing cars "Star", he had them, he was the champion of the Soviet Union three times. But in 1936 he left the post of chief engineer AMO (now - Zil), as it is written in the archives, "because of the departure from Moscow." What has caused this cause, and where Alexander left, now also known. But the 36-year - time, which speaks for itself. Along with him went to the factory and Tatiana, who found refuge there after the theater it recognized incompetent. She went to Yaroslavl to the oldest Russian drama theater named F.Volkova.

And soon opened the famous theater of miniatures, where Peltzer came on the scene in remarkable company Rina Green, Maria Mironova and Alexander Menaker, Natalia Nurmi Yuri Khrzhanovsky. It was fun and hard - n Marketing genre repertoire almost was not. Enthusiasts had to proceed by trial and error. There Tatiana Peltzer switched to domestic roles in small little pieces: the building manager, thrush, banschitsa ... Actress laughed at his heroines, and at the same time loved them. "They have strong arms and a good heart," - she said. But here Tatyana Ivanovna was not easy. It eclipsed the stars Mironova and Green, and replay them was not so easy. However, the actress appeared first fans, she began to write letters, directors were invited to epizodik in the movie.

In September 1947, Peltzer comes to Theatre of Satire. Gradually, she begins to realize that this is her house, her house, her element. It plays a lot of enthusiasm and and finally gets a role Lukeria Pokhlebkin in the play "The wedding dowry." The performance recorded on a film, and allowed for cinemas. Next Exit "Soldier Ivan Brovkin" and Peltzer becomes famous. She yet does not know.

Satire troupe sent to Germany to serve the Soviet troops. At the first check point to some strict Major begins to find fault with every detail. "Comrade Major, we`re artists we carry!" Major bypasses the car looks in the back and the first thing he sees - the person Tatiana Peltzer. He immediately breaks into a smile: "Oh, I see someone PIZNER COMRADE!" From that moment, Tatiana realized she was famous.

She was immediately dubbed "the mother of the Russian soldier." Offers from filmmakers poured as from a cornucopia. Peltzer was awarded the title of Honored Artist and becomes a prima Satire Theater. Now the time has come to establish a life. While she lived in a dormitory of the theater. When her - Ivan Romanovich, who put home a young wife. OH number in the film actor Studio Theatre. When he learned that the street Chernyakhovsky that near the metro station "Airport", built by the cooperative building of the theater, Peltzer make the required amount, and soon get an apartment. Their neighbors are Rybnikov and Larionov, Yumatov and Kreptogorskii, Gaidai and Grebeshkova, Shagalova and Shumsky, Bulgakov, Sokolov, Rumyantsev, Vinogradov Anatoly Kubatsky ... Every morning, Ivan Romanovich went down into the yard with your pet - a huge parrot on his shoulder. He ceremoniously struck up a conversation with someone from the neighbors, and the parrot, impatiently rocking from side to side, trying to shift the attention of the owner: "Vanya Vanya Vanya!" Finding no response, the bird exploded, "Peltzer, your mother !!!" Parrot enjoyed great popularity at home.

The end of the `60s and early` 70s were for Tatiana Ivanovna victorious and joyful. It was then that she often repeat what was said in his 70-year anniversary of the phrase "I - a happy old woman!" In the theater, she played Praskovya in the "Old Maid" Madame Ksidias in "Intervention", Marcelino in "Mad day, or The Marriage of Figaro," Mother Courage, Bok, shone in productions of "The pace in 1929" and "Little big house comedy." Finally, the role was a benefit for the actress Aunt Tony enchanting directed by Mark Zakharov and Alexandra Shirvindt "Awake and Sing!". Thank God that the show was shot on film, so we can now observe this impeccable comedic style, a whirlwind of emotions, infectious temperament, dances, songs, enchanting ups on the stairs, sweeping passes over the stage, full of looseness and freedom.

Viewers seemed to be what she was on stage, and it remained in his life - his close, it is clear that everything is given to it quickly and easily. But it`s the skill. That skill, honed, polished over the years has created a sense of her stay on the stage of a continuous improvisation - she was so vital, easy, contagious. Creative same personality Peltzer was complex and contradictory. When her partner changed the staging, he missed cues, in a word, departed from the established pattern, Tatiana distracting from the usual state, could not utter a word. She has been made, according to colleagues, "poor dog eyes." Peltzer felt at ease only in the framework of the usual train set. Links that are stronger in performance between it and the partners had to be as strong, like everything else in her life.

The partners Tatiana falls in love. But God forbid had caught her tongue. Accurate quizzical look, dislike of hypocrisy, nature PEYRELEAU like grass through asphalt. In the shower, many did not like it, and not because she was the lead actress - this by itself. Do not loved for straightness, for what was cutting a plain truth in the eye, for seemingly absurd character. Wonderful actor Boris Novikov, who was once "discussed" at a meeting of the troupe for addiction to alcohol after unflattering speech Tatiana Ivanovna, offended, she said: "And you, Tatiana, you would be silent for a while nobody likes, except for the people.!" Novikov something loved her, and she zhurila it maliciously, motherly. But what can you do if Peltzer never prevaricate and to tell the truth even near and dear.

Those whom she patronized, not chayali in her soul. Tatiana Ivanovna loved her hairdresser, who was carrying gifts from everywhere. He idolized Andrei Mironov, who believes his son and was inseparable from him since the early days of his life, so all fed up with his favorite toast to the health and stories of his birth on March 8. I adored savory anecdotes, almost poshiba soldier, and she told them skillfully. Memory, the actress was superb on the details, on the emotional touches people. For all simple-minded majority of his heroines, she admirably held such details are almost lost in time - how to keep a fan of how they play, how to put foot in a curtsy ... Remember the "Marriage of Figaro"! How did it all could be combined in one person?

After an evening dedicated to the 80th anniversary of George Tusuzova, at a banquet at the House of the actor attended pop Patriarch Alexey Alekseev, who always turned to Tatyana Ivanovna: "Tanya, but remember, in Kharkov, when your family moved into a new big house, Ivan Romanovich made a great ? reception sat at the table well-known artists, and you with thin braids whirled around us, and all tried to pay attention to what is true, then you are incredibly shocked: you ran out of the room, and soon heard the noise, gurgling sound, scary sounds like- if started erupting waterfall - this you operate the miracle of technology, like the toilet and turn our attention to the novelty of the century! ". At the same time she Tatiana sat on the table, dangling his legs, and with gusto nibble a sandwich with sausage. In the other hand she was holding a glass, looking at Alexeyev laughing mischievous eyes and was again one naughty girl.

However, not again. She stayed by her always. And in life, on stage and in film.

Tatiana has been unusually active, and it spread not only to the theater and cinema, but also on the social side of life. As a deputy of the Moscow City Council and the district council, it has contributed to the temperament of its activities and the unusual nature of his personality. People are helped quickly and aggressively. All this, however, does not mean that Peltzer was smooth and calm nature. She visited cutting, eccentric, it irritated inaccuracy, lack of organization, making no headway. She did not like to sit without work, without new roles. And do not be silent about it, and expressed, finding fault for any occasion. Tatiana starred in many movies - she felt that somehow it would soon be forgotten, and she eventually die of starvation. Therefore, friends often were caught her house and folding the packaging things unchanged pad ezheutrenne charge - has agreed to appear somewhere in the wilderness of the unknown newcomer: "He seems to be necessary to help talented ...." And to his work Peltzer treated very kind, though sometimes she flirted, that, well, badly played. However, here is interesting: if we look at the list of her film credits, the names of famous and leading directors we did not find! Besides Hope Kosheverova and Ilya Freza several times it has not been removed. We do not know how to use? There was no suitable roles?

In fact, wild skirmish with the film director before shooting was a kind of doping for Tatiana Peltzer - five minutes later it dart to the ground and disarmed all of its unique art. It all was forgiven, as all have seen the unique actress, able to draw any not write or dramatic, or directing role. Even the director of "Ivan Brovkin" Ivan Lukinskiy himself admitted that the role of Evdokia Brovkina not given much importance. Only when it became clear that the film received largely thanks to the actors, when poured letters and critics admired the work of actress Peltzer, in the next film "Ivan Brovkin on virgin land," the mother role was written specifically for her already and with a lot of scenes.

And how she had such mothers ( "Tiger Tamer", "Odinozhdy one", "Frost"), grandmothers ( "Eccentric from the fifth" b "", "You can not dream," "Quarantine"), wives, aunts, neighbors, teachers, nurses, just old ladies ( "Village detective", "you - I, I - you", "Personal File judge Ivanova," "Honeymoon", "Crane")! This meager list of the most famous films, which can be called more or less successful. But the paintings with her participation is much more, and go and on, remember! What we remember the children`s tape "The Adventures of the yellow suitcase" and "Hands up!" - Only grandmothers by Tatiana Peltzer. Who else of our actresses could in seventy years dancing on the roof, jump the fence, running around with the songs on the pavement, riding, standing on the roof of the trolley?

1972. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on awarding T.I.Pelttser honorary title "People`s Artist of the USSR."

First People`s Theatre of Satire in 48 years of its existence!

Two days before the publication of the order in the theater became known the news. The head of the literary part of the theater in March Linz at the diaries described the event as follows: "On the fourth floor, the elevator door crashed open, and out spilled excited Mark Zakharov, Cleon Protasov and Tatiana Peltzer - in a linen skirt, sneakers - straight from rehearsal" Mother Courage " .

- True? Or did you come up here? - Tatiana asked mockingly as always. The voice - hope and doubt.

- Of course it`s true! - All rushed to the principal`s office. And the next day Tatyana invited all to "Budapest" on the lines of Peter. That`s efficiency! It turned out that her - birthday. 68 years. And it is, by tradition, are satisfied it in this restaurant, but this time the family circle expanded somewhat. Toasts, flowers, universal love ...

Then he went to her coffee. Crammed a lot of people in her apartment in the "Airport". Tatyana temperament preparing the table, entertaining guests, scolded the sluggishness of his brother`s wife. In a small hallway crowded. The Mirror - Mount Telegram. And by Hans - too long telegram in German. On the wall - set of icons. The kitchen of this mistress of a million clever devices, machines, coffee makers, teapots, samovar, knife sets and various kitchen utensils.

At 11 pm Tatiana drove off to Leningrad on trial in some new movie ... "

After 5 years there has been a completely unexpected event. Peltzer left home theater satire. It has long been "in love" in Mark Zakharov. He gave five performances and all with Peltzer in the title role. With his departure, Tatyana Ivanovna was something not to get. Between her and Pluchek he ran like a cat. In the end, during one of the rehearsals, "Woe from Wit" terrible scandal erupted. Tatyana Peltzer went to the scene. Forever.

Go to the "Lenkom" then perceived by many as an act reckless. After thirty years of experience in the capital popular theater, where a number of other popular with the public, it remained the leader, suddenly change everything in the world and start life all over again - for that you need a special character. Tatyana Ivanovna was. Gambling, risky.

In the theater of the Lenin Komsomol Peltzer I played a little and not very interesting. A benefit was the role of the old woman in the play Ludmila Feodorovna Petrushevskaya "Three Girls in Blue". It was very strange and ridiculous to see the actress in the images of Clara Zetkin ( "Blue Horses") and Nadezhda Krupskaya ( "Dictatorship of Conscience"). Tatiana is constantly forgotten or confused alien to her texts, worried, cried friends. But what can you do if worthy for her roles in the youth theater was not simple. From "Dear Pamela" she flatly refused - did not accept any interpretation of the play, nor its director: "What am I, foolishly, on the stage in a bath for you?" All actresses focuses on small roles, if not in the episodes where Peltzer not only lost, but sometimes "over-tighten on itself all the blanket."

Tatiana always interested in watching the performances of young and, although rarely shared their enthusiasm, with sincere respect their searches, admired the hard work and dedication. She constantly called to visit the young and "hopeless". She was able to make friends and to appreciate friendship. With joy ran to a meeting with Faina Ranevskaya, a visit to the show whether or not tired to admire a great actress and repeated its severity. With Valentina Georgievna Tokarski could play all night in preference for money and gladly remember on tour in Paris escaped from the oversight of the committee members and the troupe "staggered" by night pubs and strip clubs.

For many years, we continued warm relations with Teyblerom Hans, her husband. Hans became a professor, Ph.D., worked at the Institute of Marx and Engels. When his son came to study in Moscow, then I stayed with Tatyana Ivanovna for several days. The second wife of Hans, for some reason, terribly jealous of her husband to her, scandals, forbade correspond. But the former spouses remain bound to each other for life. Olga Aroseva once witnessed their meeting: "We kak-to rested in Karlovy Vary, he came to Berlin to see Tatyana Ivanovna. We Galya Volchek decided that they would like to be alone, to recall the past - and moved. They stood together on balcony. at first, talking quietly. Then the tone of the conversation began to heat up, the voice of Tatiana Ivanovna, of course, was in the lead. From hear snatches of phrases, it was clear that to find out who is to blame for the fact that they have left ... But it came down to smile and laugh. Fifty years have passed. Yes, what years! They separated the story, as if the heroine Peltzer said aunt Toni Kralashevskaya. "

Bombshell produced in 1991 a small article in the national press called "The House of the mentally ill." It stated that all the favorite artist is placed in a hospital for crazy cheap to the general ward, where "local loonies did not accept it" and beaten. There was a scandal, after which the theater has made the same effort to translate Tatiana in an elite hospital.

For actresses such disease was a tragedy. In general, a healthy person, and it is an eighty-five continued smoking, drinking strong coffee all the time and run-run-run. She never went on foot! And how strong it was her dream - Valentine Tokarskaya told that once the hotel to him through the open window came a dove, and sat down on the head of a sleeping Tatiana Ivanovna. So she did not even move!

And suddenly - a memory loss. Peltzer already taken out in the "Prayer for the dead" just because, almost without words. If only the spectators beheld his favorite actress. She did not have to say nothing - we saw her eyes, her movements and understand everything she wanted to say to us. Communication with great art continued ... Until one day after Tatiana nervous overstrain again did not get to the hospital. There, left to itself, irrepressible and restless, she fell and broke her hip. For 88-year-old man was one outcome ...

Moscow goodbye to Tatiana Ivanovna Peltzer. Theaters - "Lenk" and Satire - were on tour, people were a little bit. Some representative of the "Mosfilm" stammered something about how a woman - the seller of colors - gave her two bouquets for free, knowing that the flowers - for Peltzer. The audience loved her always, with "Wedding dowry." And they will love you forever. For "Ivan Brovkin" for "Yellow Suitcase" for "Awake and Sing!" and "Le Figaro", with the apartments and phones, which beat out the deputy Peltzer for ordinary residents of the capital - for all that she has done in art and in life.

Author: Sergey Kapkov

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