Tatiana Klueva

Picture of Tatiana Klueva

Date of Birth: 08/25/1951

Age: 65

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Tatiana Gagina. Each of us, as a child, be sure to look and remember the amazing film-tale "Barbarian-beauty, long braid." Filmed first kinoskazochnikom country Alexander Rowe, the film is loved not only the domestic audience, but was also recognized as one of the best adaptations of fairy tales in the world, came to the turn of the century in the fairy world knoantologiyu. Barbara Belle played in the film the young Tanya Klyuyev. Today it - Tatiana Gagina - lives in Sebastopol many years, considers it his hometown, although born in Moscow, graduated from high school there and GITIS, first visited there on the set. Tatiana loves to talk about your friends - Sevastopol and Moscow, listing their talents and skills, and very little about himself.

Actor`s work:

1. Scuba at the bottom - 1965 (Adventure)

2. Barbara, beauty, long braid - 1969 (Adventure)

3. The strongest - 1973 (Cartoon / Fairy Tale)

4. Meet me at the fountain - 1976 (Romantic Comedy)