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A woman killed and dismembered by his own son?

At 4:30 am on February 26, a resident of the Bronx, as usual, was walking with his dog on the street. Absolutely all of a sudden the dog began visibly nervous; the owner quickly realized that the cause of the strange behavior of the pet has become a black bag of garbage lying around nearby. The man opened the package - and immediately realized that it was time to call the police; in the package are pieces of human bodies.

Police arrived at the scene immediately. After inspecting the area, they found several suspicious garbage bags in four different places; like the first, these packages contained human remains.

After some time, we managed to establish personal and dead; it was 45-year-old Bronx resident Tanya Byrd. There was the police and the suspect - son Byrd, Bashid McLean (Bashid McLean). It is interesting that the police station McLean came himself - to say about the mysterious disappearance of his mother. Bashid said that last saw his mother in the company of her ex-boyfriend.

The first suspicions against Maclean`s detectives have appeared after inspection of the apartment where he lived with his mother; in particular, I saw and bleach - some pretty suspicious items were found in the apartment. Traces of chlorine were also found on the packages in which the killer put the remains of Byrd. After talking with relatives and neighbors, the woman, the police found out another interesting fact - about any boyfriend Thani, nobody even heard; the only man surrounded by Tanya was her own son.

Call Bashida McLean model citizen could not nobody - it was listed in the bank six arrests; in one of the six cases McLean was arrested for assaulting a police officer. Based on indirect evidence and statements made by some relatives Bird, Bashid may well suffer from a mental disorder. The sister of the suspect, Porsche Lovett (Porscha Lovett), confirmed that his mother Bashid in the truest sense of the word hated; however, such embodiments of hatred could not foresee one. Porsche has managed to communicate with the prisoner`s brother; however, his sister McLean said only that `did all pravilno`. The third child Bird clarify the situation and could not - a boy of 7 years old, and he was sick Down syndrome. At the moment, the police have yet to completely understand what exactly prompted McLean at such a terrible crime.

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