Tangum Vangom

Picture of Tangum Vangom

Nationality: China


Pedigree Tangun begins with heavenly king Hvanina (Korean & # 54872;. & # 51064 ;, & # 26707; & # 22240;) (this name is also found in Indian Buddhist texts). In Hvanina hwanung had a son, who was destined to live on the earth among the valleys and mountains. Hvanin pulled hwanung with three thousand followers on Mount Baekdu, where hwanung founded divine city Sins (& # 49888; & # 49884 ;, & # 31070; & # 24066;). Then he created a department of clouds, rain and wind, came up with laws and began teaching people various crafts, agriculture and medicine.

At this time in the cave of the tiger and bear hwanung prayed, asking to give them a human face. Upon hearing their prayers, hwanung gave them 20 cloves of garlic and sage stalk, punishing only the food and avoid the sunlight for 100 days. After 20 days the tiger broke the vow, and emerged from the cave, the bear remained and became a woman.

A female bear (Unn