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Date of Birth: 1970

Age: 45

Citizenship: United States

from the Israeli psychologist and leadership secrets of happiness

Tal Ben-Shahar - US-Israeli psychologist, writer and teacher. It specializes in positive psychology and leadership issues.

PhD in organizational behavior Ben-Shahar was at Harvard. He finished his thesis Tal Ben-Shahar in 2004. It is known that the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy and Psychology, Ben-Shahar has also received at Harvard; his final work was devoted to other, no less interesting topic - issues of morality and their `okupaemosti` from a practical point of view.

At the moment, Tal Ben-Shahar has been largely advisory services and lectures; it works with a number of senior executive ranks of the largest multinational corporations. there are a number of level `Fortune 500` and many educational institutions Company`s clients include Ben-Shahar. Topics that Ben-Shahar touches in his lectures and seminars can be listed for a long time; he has formed exceptional knowledge on leadership, education, ethics, happiness, self-esteem, psychological stability, ability to set goals and total concentration on a current task.

Ben-Shahar is widely known and his literary works; in the books of his psychologist he sets out all the same concepts and ideas, and that the lectures. Among the works of Tal Ben-Shahar is best known for a series of best-selling books about happiness - `Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment` 2007 and` Being Happy: You Don`t Have to Be Perfect to Lead a Richer, Happier Life `of 2010. These books furor almost immediately after the publication of the present day are a huge success all over the world; it is known that they have already transferred to 25 different languages. Determining the success enjoyed, and other works of Ben-Shahar - like `Heaven Can Wait: Conversations With Bonny Hicks` 1998 and` A Clash of Values: The Struggle for Universal Freedom`-of 2002. Interestingly, he writes Ben-Shahar is not just about psychology; the fruits of his literary works have become more and more children`s books. These books are directly related to the main activity of Tala and tell the children a lot about happiness; One of these books is devoted to Helen Keller (Hellen Keller), the other - Thomas Edison (Thomas Edison).

August 9, 2007, Ben-Shahar Hoth spoke on the popular television show `The Daily Show with Jon Stewart`.

In 2012 I saw the light of the documentary Raphael Shore (Raphael Shore) `Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference`. In this film Ben-Shahar served as speaker.

At the moment, Tal Ben-Shahar teaches at Harvard; his courses in positive psychology and the psychology of leadership is one of the most popular courses in the entire history of the university. In total, at the beginning at the Ben-Shahar enrolled or enrolled more than 1,400 students. In parallel, Ben-Shahar is also a lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel (Herzliya, Israel).

Tal Ben-Shahar holds one of the leadership positions in the organization `Wholebeing Institute`; formally referred to as `the position of its director of development and learning personala`, but in fact duties Ben-Shahar how much broader and more complex.

Tal Ben-Shahar - an avid athlete; it is interesting that on the sports field, he achieved impressive results. By the current moment it is already listed for at least two victories in major championships in squash - US college championship and the Israeli national championship.

Positive psychology and the science of happiness at Ben-Shahar is a scientifically based methodology for achieving the optimal level of human functioning and improve quality of life. Ben-Shahar is actively following the current trends of positive psychology and surveys through the prism of science of happiness threads with her at first sight and all unrelated. Like many experts in positive psychology, Ben-Shahar is not tired of repeating that success does not make people happy, and that, in practice, everything happens in reverse order, making a lot of success and an already quite happy people. Much attention Tal Ben-Shahar also pays leadership issues; Practice shows that only by acting in conjunction with a really talented leader of the majority of workers (and even entire organizations) can unleash your full potential. Such disclosure will benefit both raskryvatelyu` `and` raskryvaemym` themselves - so little that can improve self-esteem, as the occupation of interesting work in full force.

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