Takeshi Kaneshiro

Picture of Takeshi Kaneshiro

Date of birth: 11.10.1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Taipei

Citizenship: Taiwan


Takeshi Kaneshiro was born in Taiwan. Takeshi was one of three children in the family, his father was a Japanese by birth, and his mother - a native resident of Taiwan. He grew up in Taiwan, at the age of only 18 years for the first time went to the home of his father in Japan.

While still in school, he noticed an unusual appearance Cute TV producers, inviting him to appear in advertisements. At age 19 he made his debut as a pop singer, in 1992 he released his first album. He was lucky, and at such a tender age, he signed with a huge company Polygram. Of course, it was not without casualties - Takeshi had to leave school after the 10th grade.

After his album was a hit, he was invited to a role in the action movie "Heroic Trio 2: Executioners". We can not say that the movie was very good, but Takeshi noticed, and the following year he manages to star in four films and produce three songs on the album.

His career is on the rise, and although he is not very actively invited to a major role in large projects, the charge of the grandees of commercial success, such as Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao or Jet Li, in the second half of the 90th Hong Kong movie begins to dramatically change his face, and then Takeshi appeared at an opportune moment. Having proved himself as a great romantic actor (he starred in two films from Wong Kar-wai), he begins his career in action movies. No, I do not think that before that he did not act in films, just before his role in podobnomkino limited or comic character or another soft and vulnerable protagonist.

The big breakthrough happens in 1997, when they go "Downtown Torpedoes", representing his audience in a pair with the already-promoted action-star Jordan Chan. The film was even released in the US, as well as its follow them film "Hero". Suddenly, an attractive appearance and excellent plastic combined with a huge unspent internal energy led to his invitation to Hollywood.

Unfortunately, it is not gone as smoothly as we would like. Ribbon "Too Tired to Die", despite the fact that it was filmed in 1998, it has yet not entered the US screens. Recently, however, it decided to release a limited release, so that in August it can already be seen on the screens of several sample cinemas there.

1998 becomes a turning point for Takeshi. After shooting in the US, it will not be long stays in Hong Kong, drawing his attention to the Land of the Rising Sun, where torture and leaves his happiness. Japan immediately opened his arms to him, taking him as a star. For two years he was there, he could visit beschisslennoe times on the covers of various magazines and even release a video game "Onimusha: Demon Warrior" with a (okompyuterizovannym) in the title role. His latest film "Space Travellers" has done a lot of noise in Japan, and now at this moment, he returned to Hong Kong to star in the film "Lavender", where he played an angel.