Picture of T-pain

Year of birth : 1986

Age: 29 years

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Fahim Nadzhim

Original name: Faheem Najim


T-Pain, the man - felted dreadlocks,signatory label Akon - Konvict Muzik, a singer with a voice gentle and honorable computer pohabnik currently sings three tracks from the solo twenty Billboard and his songs are now on the first lines of several charts.

There is a slang word " luck " luck - good luck, that is. " Lucky " people around lucky ,all he is going well. Money flowing river or even a stream, the attention of the opposite sex galore and other manna from heaven fall down on his head every day. In the current situation, when the " gold " is considered a success, and " platinum " in hip-hop began to meet as rarely as in nature ,and this is almost the only " lucky " the actor is now Akon. His dushe- and poposchipatelnye songs sound from all sides, the album " Konvicted " November will not fall out of the Billboard Twenties, concerts go one after another. .. But " luck " is not just in one direction. Lucky actor was no less successful manager -and one of his charges today and will be discussed.

T-Pain, the man - felted dreadlocks signatory label Akon - Konvict Muzik, a singer with a voice gentle and honorable computer pohabnik currently sings three tracks from the solo twenty Billboard and his songs are now on the first lines of several charts." I now have about thirty men, for whom I worked -. Says singer and beatmaker -. Among them, Chris Brown, Usher, Charlie Wilson, Britney Spears, Nick Lachey, Joe, Twista, DJ Unk, Bow Wow, Mya, R. Kelly ". It`s time to find out what they found there.

Born Faheem Najim (Faheem Najim) in Florida, some 22 years ago. The music has been linked to childhood - the age of ten shocked his parents by staging of the children`s studio of sinterzatora, button and four-track tape recorder.

Five to seven years spent in the nursery, and here at T-Pain already has a group Nappy Headz (not to be confused with Nappy Roots!). Moreover, it is very popular in the city- Not least because of the music and the voice of Fahim. In 2002, he parted ways with his accomplices and decides to pursue a solo career. Start your way to the big show business with T -end collision. Often after some r`n`b or rap hit cunning mockingbirds release their version of the song, sometimes completely redefining the meaning of it. Remember 50 Cent,laugh at "London Bridge" Fergie - and it is only known examples. In 2004, the other loudly sounded tearful lyrics Akon "Locked Up" (arrested) , in the version Fahim sounded like "Fucked Up" (screwed) . Instead insults and drive-by by Akon, he received an invitation to meet - that they are the quirks of fate and the proverbial luck. Akon is not only poisoned the young fat man, but even signed his newly created label "Konvict Muzik". Prospects at the office was not that much - Senegalese and he just went to the star level, however, T-Pain has not lost. his single "Sprung" was launched in August of 2005. The song reached the eighth place in the singles chart and proved Akon - this guy can work. Tellingly, T-Pain, who dedicated a song of his beloved, married her after the release of the single - a decent man. However, after the charts broke his song "I fell in love with a stripper ", but let`s will charge it on fiction.

Siropno-bawdy ballad has caused a lot of debate : Some radio stations played her version of censorship ("I fell in love with a dancer ") , and after the scandal, when three members of the university lacrosse team brutally raped a drunk stripper, some stores refused to distribute a single. However, it is only added interest to the song -she dolezla to Billboard fifth line and received the " Gold ".

After the singles, in the autumn of 2005 Konvikt Muzik released the album T-Pain "Rappa Ternt Sanga", has achieved "gold" certification, and the two main singles overgrown with remixes from the very top rappers.

All 2006th T-Pain saved his strength, otmetishis only once, but as it should. Veteran Bay Area - E-40 during his long career never rose as high as with the track "U And Dat" with the refrain Fahim. Produced by Lil Jon asses anthem became an All-American summer hit, and forced many artists to draw attention to the singer - it is significantly cheaper of Akon, his voice is always transmitted chereh lotion a la vocoder stored immediatelyand often simply to primitive and at the same time " working " the text of his peers to be seen.

The first is realized R.Kelly, zazvat it on a remix of his song "I`m A Flirt". The song was launched in February of this year, but to this day hangs in the hit parade, not wanting to slip too low. Then, Bow Wow released the second single from the album "Like A Fame" -"Out My System" ft. T-Pain & Johnta Austin - and again a success. But the chief was yet to come.

Baby Girl

Whats Your Name

Let Me Talk To You

Let Me Buy You A Drink

I`m T-Pain, You Know Me

Here is the lyrics in the spirit of Timothy sounds incessantly since the end of February on the radio of America ,pleasing bartenders and songwriter "Buy U A Drunk (Shawty Snappin`)" (music and Fahim) . The seed for the upcoming fifth of June the album "Epiphany" was more than successful - the first place of the charts, and is about the impending certification. T-Pain says that the song was born when the album was almost ready : " At Jive Records told me that the album is good ,but something is missing. They say : " Let`s buy music from Timbaland and Kanye West, will be a hit and I decided that since the entire album composed himself, and then compose lyrics That`s how it happened.. . " label managers, distributes Konvikt Muzik should be happy - no extra cost, and the return has exceeded all expectations. That`s the second single will be released -a duet with Akon "Bartender", and it will again be about the drink and the girl.

Of course, to be taken seriously lightweight production of heavy T-Pain silly, but it`s not required. Orphan song of Akon previously successfully mastered, his performance does not sound pitiful and annoying. In contrast, computer processing vocals gives love nonsense kakoy-It is a humorous tone, as if the robot Werther fell in love with Alice. True, Noreaga promised that his track T-Pain sings his real voice, waiting.

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