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Citizenship: Russia


Hereditary nobleman, a major landowner of Orel province. (1076 tithes). He graduated from the course of the Imperial Lyceum Tsarevich Nicholas in Moscow, founded by MN Katkov, where his teacher was VA Gringmut. I listened to a lecture at the Law Faculty are Moscow University, but a full course of study is not finished. In 1891 he settled in his estate in Orel province., Devoting himself to agriculture and social activities. Since 1892 honorary magistrate Volkhov, then at Orlovsky. Orlovsky district marshal of the nobility. Since the beginning of the revolution in 1905 was one of the founders of the monarchical Orlovsky Union law and order, and later merged with the NRC. One of the founders of the right-monarchist newspaper "Orlovskaya it." Member of the First All-Russian Congress of nobles and landowners in Moscow and two zemstvo congresses at the option of the Province Zemstvo. MP III State. . Duma Orel Province, member of Law held in the Duma committees: the food, land and others.

He took an active part in the monarchist organizations in St. Petersburg. He was a candidate, and on May 23, 1910 a member of the Main Board of the NRC. During the conflict between the AI Dubrovin and NE Markov was a supporter of the latter. Volodimerov took as an active part in the Russian National Union`s activities to them. Archangel Michael (RNSMA) in 1913 was a member of the Grand Chamber RNSMA, a member of several committees of the Union (for the first unit of the national historic cinema on drawing up a book on the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, to discuss and edit written ND Obleuhovym "Reminders monarchist" on an analysis of available books on the book market), as well as a member of redkomissii "Russian Book of sorrow". In 1908 and in subsequent years was an active opponent of the nationalists and personally MO Menshikov, but after brilliant performances publicist "New time" during the process of the Beilis case changed the attitude to it, although the opponent was the nationalists, seeing in them a threat to the activities of the monarchy . January 23. In 1912 elected a member of the Board of monarchical Ustroitelnogo Congresses, at a meeting which made a proposal not to allow women to compile reports for the Congresses.

An active participant in the Congress supporters Markov (4-th All-Russian Congress of the Union of Russian People in St. Petersburg on May 14-16, 1912) and the 5th All-Russian Congress of Russian People in St. Petersburg, 16-20 May 1912, as chairman of the department of NRC them. Simeon. Served with a welcoming speech, he was elected one of the secretaries at the congresses. May 18 made a report on the need to cleanse the Russian language from foreign words and roots. The main thesis of the report: the richness of the Russian language makes absolutely unnecessary foreign words, they only distort barbaric Russian. Volodimerov called upon to fight for the purity of the language, proposing to establish when the monarchical organization "Society of the Russian language." He also suggested to initiate a request to the Ministry of Education to take measures to cleanse textbooks of foreign words, and the Academy of Sciences about publication of the application cheapest available for the people of the Explanatory dictionary VI Dahl. Volodimerov was elected a member of the Congress of Educational discharge (Commission for reaching a decision on public education). The Congress adopted its basic ideas and decided to establish a society Lomonosov Russian language, which the organization asked to do very Volodimerova and prof. PV Nikolsky, bar. VF Taube, prof. A. Vyazigina, prof. IP Sozonovich and prof. PA Nekrasov, which amounted to a permanent commission at the Congress of Russian People.

Another topic on which Volodimerov spoke at the 5th Congress - Association monarchist organizations. Congress instructed the association to develop a scheme to the Chief of the NRC Council, which, in turn, instructed Volodimerovu draw up a draft decision on unity. At the same time on its own initiative, VP Sokolov made his own project, which is intended to complete the merger of all the monarchist organizations. Volodimerov offered a softer version, according to his design of a formal association is not supposed to have a unifying role to play Congresses monarchists, and their decisions were only guidelines, not binding decisions. As a result, monarchist environment arose stormy debate over the advantages and disadvantages of these two projects, which, however, came to nothing lead. In his discussion Volodimerov guided purely conservative principles: Fracture risk of naturally occurring monarchist organization outweigh all rational arguments about the benefits of the common organization of the monarchists.

A prominent writer and political ideology monarchism. As the publisher of the newspaper "zemshchina" often publish their articles there. Among his publications worthy of attention a series of articles under the title "On the eve of reckoning", published in "Zemshchina" in September. 1911 and later published in pamphlet form. Remembering 1905 Volodimerov ironically noted: "After the October crowds Babylon, all literate and illiterate Russia in particular spoke. Play, and most importantly, there was no time to think. We had certainly talk to anyone, certainly argue. The silence gave the impression that there is nothing to say that the silent somewhat guilty that justify it or can not, or can not. " The origins of this political absurdity Volodimerov seen that the Russian intelligentsia in the spiritual slavery of the Jews. It is known that "the Russian intelligentsia, dictates we now on the orders of the Jewish political fashion, since half a century do not feed bread, let alone the" reforms ", more of various reforms, and certainly, of course, liberal. Any same liberal reforms, t. E. Just breaking every social and domestic forms of national life, always on hand especially the Jews, because it estne nothing but a revolution, albeit a revolution from above, but still a revolution. Jews remember well the great truth: "The habit - the soul powers." They are therefore struggling to make the legislative powers thought they destroyed and enslaved their peoples to forget this great wisdom Aryan settled peoples. "

Analyzing the current political situation in the country, Volodimerov wrote that is an open betrayal is not, but "there liberalnichayuschy Petersburg, there is an intelligent, poluinorodchesky newspapers and stationery world who does not know, and frankly do not want to know the Orthodox Russia, which he commanded, not understanding the Silent People and to this day accepts his voice false, vulgar and insolent rattling Jewish newspapers ". He paints a picture of decline of morals in the countryside, where reigns a gang of young guys, blasphemers and nepristoynikov who beat and even kill anyone who dares to contradict them. Young people do not recognize the authority of the elders. Around the "winning streak of open profligacy"; "Chastity became a sign of backwardness, of the century, her shame, her hide"; concubinage became the rule in teaching-for Youth. Volodimerov drew the conclusion that the danger of the revolution is not passed, "mingled hordes of semi-intellectuals, atheists, irresistibly replenished at public expense releases almost all without exception of schools in Russia, by no means abandoned his determination to overthrow the throne of the Romanovs, break them great power to the parts and enslave perverse drunkenness, anarchy and bezsudnostyu great Russian people. " Their determination is growing, they are becoming bolder, they again began to "massacre with the most reliable and powerful servant of the king, and Russia." It is clear that "currently all-Russian idea jew revolution begins soon." Preparing for the revolution is in full swing. After the suppression of the revolution of 1905 the Jews efforts were aimed at to add to the army of "contagion mladoturchestva". And the result is there. Among the officers increasingly come across people with Guchkov and Milyukov smell. "In general, the air among the officers of some, mainly of army regiments, began to deteriorate significantly." According to his observations, the liberation infection even penetrated to the Don.

But worse of all, in the opinion of Volodimerova was "real invasion of the tribe of Judah." He does not regret paints to describe this invasion: "The unprecedented devastation of forests, destruction of small industrialists and tradesmen, whole streets, whole cities - that`s a picture of the Jewish invasion. As a sticky web enveloped the Russian Jews with their countless newspapers, theater, film, and every day more deeply poison they poison your soul folk destroy the family, religion, citizenship, patriotism as a whole Russian generation that enters into the life of young people. " "The Jewish invasion" is the trump card of the organizers of the revolution, which is calculated in a million "scattered all over the Russian Jews, united, reliable, extremely diligent and skilful agitators and scornful, Jews agents vsezhidovskogo conspiracy against Russia. This "army in civilian clothes," incomparably more dangerous to the integrity of Russia, than what you like Japanese or the Austrian army in uniform, with a gun and cannon. "

The conclusion, which makes its analysis Volodimerov, disappointing:. "Russia on the eve of reckoning for constitutional exercise and liberal reform policies" However, he still saw and alternative decay and death, expressing the hope (albeit weak), they will come-heroes ministers who will be worthy of the great performers predestination Emperor Nicholas I. Then "Russia will come at last to his true-old national and the glorious and terrible historical path. " Only such ministers was convinced Volodimerov, on the shoulder again make "patriotism main engine of private, social and public life." Only on a solid foundation of patriotism may appear and national unity. But Volodimerov soberly understand the spiritual nature of this phenomenon, he warned against the dangers of bureaucracy. "The revival of the Russian people of national unanimity is impossible without revival of unanimity religious" and therefore, "the head of this life-giving, cleaning of old sins, national and, therefore, the people`s movement must be not officials, albeit most zealous, and pastors folk such fixtures true national Orthodoxy as Vladimir, Metropolitan of Moscow, Saratov, Bishop Hermogenes, Bishop Theophane Tauride, Archimandrite Vitaly. "

In an article published in the newspaper "Vedomosti .Moskovskie" in the district. 1914 Volodimerov notes with concern that society is indifferent looks at the impending catastrophe. He compared this social disease with "blindness": "Just kind of night blindness attacked the Russian society and some fatal impotence binds his will in the shadows creeping across the Russian land intellectual dregs. This turbidity fireworks among the All-Russian Jewish press sink Purishkevich diatribes from the pulpit of the State Duma, have consequences ... Article Menshikov Russian society is too obyntelligentilos, it has lost a national instinct - the compass culture, it has lost a sense of national identity. That is horrible! "

During the First World War, he does not lose courage Volodimerov monarchists urged leaders not to lose heart, to use for political purposes anti-German sentiment is widespread in society. In a letter to A. Vyaziginu on Nov 24. In 1914 he wrote: "Use protivonemetskoe for", "do not remain a spectator, who decided in advance that all the cards in the hands of opponents of Russian political players and to play so you should not."

March 9, 1915, he was appointed and. about. Tomsk Deputy Governor. According to some reports, torn to pieces by a revolutionary mob.