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Date of Birth: 04/22/1939

Age: 77

Citizenship: Sweden

The smallest piece of plate ocean

Irvind Sven (Sven Yrvind) was born in 1939 in Sweden (Gothenburg, Sweden), a family of sailors. By the way, say, that as a child Sven suffered from dyslexia, especially manifested in the letter. From childhood he was just delirious sea and travel, and your own boat he first built in the early 1970s. He called his creation `Bris I`, and later he built many more ships on their own projects.

In 1980 Irvind famously on his 6-meter vessel `Bris II` rounded Cape Horn, in principle, it seems impossible, but it did Irvind. By the way, all his boats - small in size, but in recent years, Sven close zanimaetsyaideey minimize maritime transport ship as much as possible.

In 2011 Irvind crossed the Atlantic on a 5-meter boat, spending all 45 days of the journey.

His original boat sailors call `` the pelvis - too serious look Sven boats, bobbing on the ocean waves. He himself refers to his Irvind floating craft very seriously and calls them `vyzhivaniya` capsules.

By the way, it happened to Sven and all sorts of sea stories, such as a collision with a whale, as well as with an iceberg.

Last creation of the Swede, who was well past seventy - boat called `Yrvind half `, a length of only 4.8 m, and in his plans - 3-meter boat, which Sven plans to make a circumnavigation. His expedition Irvind planned to be completed in one and a half years, with no stops and taps in he has no plans to port.

Sam navigator states that the size of the vessel does not affect its safety. Thus, according to the reasoning of Sven, the big boats have a greater mass and thus damage during the storm they have more.

I must say that in my pelvis `` Sven, gray, round glasses and a beard, looks funny and a little ridiculous, but whatever it was, it sure boats travel through the ocean for more than half a century.

Generally, Sven Irvind - philosopher, he spends much time in his company, many of the world reflects on the device, and all the time that something invented. He did not afraid of loneliness during his solo tour and the preparation for the voyage he considers the happiest.

Funny, but the only concern Sven - not to put on weight during the trip, the boat because it is very small in size. Actually Sven Irvind - not a screwball, he prepares for his trip wisely, because behind him for several krugosvetok.

Meanwhile the boat Swede Sven Irvinda beat all records of its size - it is the smallest of the court, facing the open ocean.

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