Sue Greenwood

Picture of Sue Greenwood

Age: 43

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Suicide due to insomnia

Insomnia plagued Sue Greenwood for several decades, however, solve the problem by Sue gathered quite radical. For 2 days before Christmas teacher hanged herself in a wooded area not far from his house.

The body of 43-year-old Greenwood found the morning of December 23th. What happened was a real shock for the family Greenwood. According to those who knew Greenwood during his life, even though the insomnia she remained beautiful, smartest and purposeful woman. The journalists managed to find out something from the grieving husband of the deceased. Apparently, Sue has long suffered from sleep problems. These problems are extremely serious nature of the worn - Greenwood often had to go without sleep for several days in a row. Sam Greenwood tried to help his wife than he; with the wedding in the 2011th he supported Sue in all possible ways. Alas, his effort was not enough in order to solve the problems of the couple. We were powerless and other techniques; Sue tried hypnotherapy and acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy and more. Alas, all this did not facilitate insomnia Greenwood; small portions of sleep Sue could sometimes snatching the day, but this did not solve the problem as a whole and seriously interfere with her work. Much more effective would be able to special pills purchased over the Internet, however, the drug in this case turned out to be almost more dangerous than the disease itself - have developed a teacher`s relationship to the drug. Equally dangerous drugs, in theory, be dispensed only by prescription; In practice, however, the purchase of such medicines through the network at a certain desire is not so difficult. It`s hard to say how many good tablets could bring when used correctly; in the case of Greenwood, alas, about the proper use of speech not even passed - woman rather quickly began to eat tablets shock treatment. The drug not only helped her cope with the disease - it is seriously worsened the situation as a whole; alas, Greenwood by this time managed to completely despair, and chemical dependency`s impact on the adequacy of its judgments.

Police have yet to conduct a full investigation into the incident, but at the moment the picture is quite clear and there was no reason to believe that the role of death in Greenwood could play some kind of third party intervention. Apparently, Sue really lost their lives completely voluntary - as far as this word is applicable to the human history of suffering directly from the addiction and insomnia. Widow as uncollectible just forget about his dead wife; He is eager to draw public attention to the problem of insomnia in general, and the dangers of using purchased without prescription drugs. Greenwood better than many realize how seriously complicate the lives of people with sleep problems; as well, he feels that the problems of insomniacs not enough bright highlights in the press. After the death of Sue Greenwood discovered the existence of specialized clinics, specialized in combating sleep disorders; find out about a clinic herself Sue, it could still be cured - and thus prevent a tragic ending. The information will be more on combating insomnia and similar problems in the public domain, the better it will feel itself Greenwood - and the more people around the world will finally be able to close his eyes peacefully.