Stephen Shaun Griffiths

Picture of Stephen Shaun Griffiths

Date of Birth: 12/24/1969

Age: 46

Birthplace: Dewsbury

Citizenship: United Kingdom


43-year-old Susan Rushworth (Susan Rushworth) disappeared on 22 June 2009, then April 26, 2010, the faded 31-year-old Shelley Armitage (Shelley Armitage), and on May 21 the same year - 36-year-old Blemayrs Suzanne (Suzanne Blamires).

Stephen Shaun Griffiths (Stephen Shaun Griffiths), a 40-year-old man, was arrested on 24 May 2010 and later he was charged with the murder of three women. Blemayrs body parts were found in the River Ayr in Shipley (River Aire in Shipley), near Bradford, on May 25th. Other human tissue found in the same river later belonged Shelley Armitage. Rushworth remains were never found.

Stephen Shaun Griffiths (Stephen Shaun Griffiths) was born in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire (Dewsbury, West Yorkshire) December 24, 1969, the year he was arrested in May of 2010. He was brought before the Court of Magistrates, presenting himself as The Crossbow Cannibal (~ Cannibal-arbalester). He was remanded in custody until the next court appearance, which took place on June 7 by video link from prison Wakefield (Wakefield Prison), and the date of the hearing was scheduled for 16 th November of 2010.

While in custody, Griffiths pytalsyapokonchit four times himself. 21 of December of 2010, he was convicted of three murders, after pleading guilty. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Police watched Griffith two years before he killed his first victim, and he had confiscated a hunting rifle. The police contacted the housing association that owns the apartment, which is home to Stephen, after the tenant has been seen reading a book about the dismemberment. The partnership shared concerns police and agreed to establish a home of Griffith better surveillance system. At the time of the killings, the police had no evidence to impose restraining orders for anti-social behavior.

The criminal history of Steven included 3-year period, he had received in the age of 17, when he was unjustly attacked with a knife on a supermarket manager. While in prison, the offender said that he sees as turning into a murderer, and psychiatrists ruled that his imagination can bring it to the serial killings. In 1991 he was recognized as schizoid psychopath, and the following year Griffiths received two years in prison for having put a knife to the throat of the girl.