Stepan Eshevskij

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At the time he was in the Nizhny Novgorod gymnasium it had the effect of teacher II history Melnikov (Caves). He studied first in Kazan, then in Moscow University, where he attended Kudryavtseva, Granovsky and Solovyov. Work it began under the leadership of Kudryavtsev and zealously engaged in the beginning of the Middle Ages, studying Gregory of Tours. In 1851, published in the "Moscow News" review of the "Fate of Italy," Kudryavtseva, in 1852 - in "Notes of the Fatherland", "Review of the history of literature for 1851". In 1853 - 54 years. I read Russian history and Russian statistics in Odessa Richelieu Lyceum. In 1855 Eshevsky defended his master`s thesis "Sidonius Apollinaris", which is given a picture of the political, intellectual and moral state of Gaul V century; followed then was elected to the chair of the University of Kazan Russian history. Here he first taught a course on Elizabeth (printed in his "Collected Works"), very remarkable for the time when the files were still closed and there were no corresponding volume of "History of Russia" Solovyov. It was important that Eshevsky put into his account data "Complete Collection of Laws." Eshevskogo success among the audience was very large: he acquainted with the living word of the current state of science, it was then revived. In the opinion of Eshevskogo based ethnographic museum at the University of Kazan. After the death of Granovsky Moscow University chose Eshevskogo in his successors; but the ministry did not let go Eshevskogo from Kazan. In 1857 he left the pulpit and took place in Moscow, a teacher at the Alexandrinsky orphanage housing; while the Ministry finally approved his professor at Moscow University. His first course in Moscow is named in the works: "The center of the Roman world and its province," the course of the next year - "Outline of paganism and Christianity." In addition the average history, expounded monographically, Eshevsky read more course of ancient history, sets out not by source. From 1859 to 1861 Eshevsky visited Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, listening to lectures at universities: his lively description of professors remained Entries travel and is in the biography attached to the publication of his works. In the summer of 1862 Eshevskogo grasped the first stroke of paralysis; in 1864 he was again sent abroad, but he hastened to return caused by the university in question. May 25, 1865 he died. In those difficult years, he read a full course: "The Age of Migration, Merovingian and Carolingian." Introductory lecture him in this course published under the title "The significance of race in history." In recent years, he has a lot of interest in prehistoric archeology. Arises "Moscow Archaeological Society" aroused in him great sympathy: he gave him the article "On the lake dwellings". Having accidentally rich collection of Masonic manuscript, he wrote an article about the Masons in "Russian Messenger". The works of his were published in 1870, with the addition of his biography, reprinted in the book KN Bestuzhev-Ryumin: "Biographies and characteristics" (St. Petersburg, 1882.).