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Year of birth : 1971

Age: 44 year

Place of birth : Annandale, New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


Feygen Donald and Walter Becker became friends in college, because they have discovered similar interests in music (jazz, blues, pop) and contemporary literature (black humor) . In 1967-68 they beat together in a pile of different teams. Then Feygen and Becker switched to writing their own material, which is trying to attach to any record company. After a lot of shaking of an rapids musicians managed to sign a contract with a small company, which held the group "Jay and the Americans". With this ensemble guys worked until 1971, and then moved to New York ,wanting to compose songs on a professional basis. There`s something to them and picked up a Los Angeles-based producer Gary Katz, attach the guys at "ABC / Dunhill".

He also suggested that the musicians and put together his own group, from which they did not give up.Borrowing the name for the project of the William Burroughs novel "Naked Lunch" Donald and Walter started rehearsals. To help in the creation of the debut album "Steely Dan" they invited Denny Dias (guitar) , Jeff Baxter (guitar) , Jim Hodder (drums) and David Palmer (vocals) . Steely DanNachinaya 1973 the band toured in England and the United States, and its composition changed frequently. Besides a couple of years "Steely Dan" released dvaalboma, "Countdown To Ecstasy" and "Pretzel Logic". All are now lead vocals performed by Donald and Walter played the lead guitar. In 1974, the last group tourexcept where the founders of the band attended Mike McDonald (keyboards, vocals) , Jeff Porcaro (drums) and Royce Jones (percussion, vocals). At the end of the event Feygen and Becker decided to finally tie the concerts and translate the project on the basis of a purely studio. As a result, the next year, all the other members of the ensemble have been dismissed, and began recording albums with the help of session musicians.

The quality of the material is influenced for the better, and records "Steely Dan", published in this period enjoyed a relatively high demand. The supreme achievement of the group "Aja" was the work in 1977. The session of this album were invited musicians such as Wayne Shorter and Lee Raytnur that gave " Steely Dan " is more jazzy sound. " Aja " spent the best five for three weeks, and on the basis of sales received a " platinum ".

Steely DanK Unfortunately, the label "ABC" the problems started, and the output of the next album was delayed for three years. "Gaucho" was born only in 1980. The album also had good success, hitting the US Top 10, but the following year it was announced that the way Feygena and Becker left. Donald began to record a solo album, and Walter went to Hawaii to grow avocados at his ranch. His band resumed their cooperation in 1993 ,when Baker played the role of a producer `s second solo album Feygena. The following year, colleagues switched roles, and has already produced a record Feygen Becker.

And in 2000, former colleagues revived sign "Steely Dan" and together the first recorded in the last 20 years studiynik "Two against nature". It was foundthat old men can still produce a quality product, and drive even received a " Grammy " in the category " Album of the Year ". This did not stop, and " Deny Steel " held a successful tour and then went into the studio again to please their fans another album.

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Steely Dan picture
Steely Dan photo
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