Stanislav Belkovskiy

Picture of Stanislav Belkovskiy

Date of Birth: 07/02/1971

Age: 45

Citizenship: Russia


Stanislav Belkovsky, who was born in 1971 in Moscow. Father Pole, his mother was Jewish. By training a systems [1].

In his own words, he graduated from the Economic Cybernetics Department of the Moscow Institute of Management (if we have in mind the Moscow Institute of Management Sergo Ordzhonikidze -. Release the SA Belkovsky he wore already the proud name of the Academy ... Either he did not end.) and then worked as a systems programmer in Goskomnefteprodukte RSFSR. Then he began to engage in political consulting, collaborating with such figures as Konstantin Borovoy and Leo Weinberg.

In 2002 he established a non-profit organization the Council for National Strategy. In 2003, the organization published a series of reports: "State and Oligarchy" (9 June), "The new vertical of power" (22 September). Publication of the report "State and Oligarchy," which, in particular, govorilosyakoby preparing Russian oligarchs coup coincided with the beginning of the criminal prosecution of the company, "Yukos" and its leaders (the head of "YUKOS" Mikhail Khodorkovsky called the authors of the report among the conspirators) [1] .

Since 2004, the head of the organization`s National Strategy Institute, brings together a group of Russian political scientists.

Belkovsky is the author of the report "Putin Solitude" [2], "Loneliness Putin -2".

Belkovsky was the prototype of the hero of the novel by Alexander Prokhanov "Political Science" (2005). At the presentation of the novel in the publishing house "Ultra.Kultura" Belkovsky made in the room, and laid on a pile of garbage, covered with scraps of newspapers (in the final product of the hero killed and buried in a landfill). [3] The presentation was attended Khodorkovsky`s lawyer.


Vladimir Putin`s Business (2007, ISBN 5-9681-0103-2) (together with Vladimir Golyshev)