Soraya Rovenle

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Date of Birth: 11/28/1964

Age: 51

Birthplace: Niteroi

Citizenship: Brazil


Author: Olga Strelkova

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Jewish Family Soraya was the cultural and music around Niteroi, mother, Malka Manshuk, fairly well-known singer of lyrical songs prepared Soraya and her older sister Ithamar a musical career. Therefore, in 5 years, Soraya has perfectly played the piano and sang songs constantly. "Becoming a singer was a blue dream of my childhood!". The efforts of the mother were not in vain, Ithamara Korach became a singer of world renown, and Soraya has divided his talent between ballet, stage, TV and music.

But still the most favorite pastime for Soraya was the dance, she graduated from ballet school, enthusiastically danced and even taught choreography in the children studii.Pomimo of Soraya was fond of the theater, and when told her mother about his desire to become an actress, she was terrified: "Soraya was always very mobile, plastic, and loved the dance, it seemed to me that it will link their lives with just dance! ".

And no one could have imagined, even the Soraya, that the future will open for her teleserialov.No world it will happen later, but for now Soraya within ten years the theater stage wins. In 1999 it received the title of "the best theater actress" for its performance at a dramatic biography of the famous Brazilian singer Dolores Dyuran.Spektakl last century enjoyed a huge success, outstanding singing talent Soraya useful way possible luchshe.A it spoke not only as a talented actress, but and as a singer.

Ricardo Waddington saw Soraya in this play, and immediately offered her candidacy for the role of Yvette Carlos Manuel.

"Television has never occurred in my plans," says Soraya, so when she called Ricardo and offered a role in the TV series "Family Ties," Soraya was scared and confused.

"Ricardo told me that this role will be to try out a lot of actresses, and added that he personally would like to see Iveta in my ispolnenii.Mne course is flattering, but it was terrible uzhasno.A learned that it is necessary to work with such artists as the soap operas and Vera Fischer Tony Ramos I`m confused! "

After some hesitation, Soraya still agrees and despite the big competition gets Iveti.Pravda role in the first month of shooting was not easy and Soraya and rezhisseram.Privykshaya to broad gestures and violent expressions of emotion on the stage "to the audience with the latest series of the gallery could all see "Soraya could not get used to the regime television semok.Rozherio Gomez and Ricardo Waddington patiently explained Soraya excited wisdom and subtleties of television skill, and the newly formed series actress almost cried ogorcheniya.No not looking frightened and adapting her beautician Iveta becoming one of the central characters of the telenovela. Iveta is going through a difficult period of her marriage with her husband Viriato (actor Ze Victor Castiel), family boat is wrecked and the reason for that sexual impotence muzha.Bednyazhka Iveta is trying to solve the problem by any means, and goes to a fortune, and buy sexy lingerie and romantic evening suits, but useless. As a result, Viriato sent to doctors, and goes a long course of treatment to overcome their most purely psychological problems, depriving it of normal marital otnosheniy.V kontsekontsov everything Viriato and Yvette will be good, so good that by the end of the series will Iveta pregnant.

According to Sora, much to Yvette she borrowed from the hairdresser and makeup artist Globo, certain Nivei, make-up artist who has worked in this series.

At the same time work on television Soraya seemed much harder than in the theater: "In the theater, I have at least three months of rehearsals before the premiere, and here I do not have enough time to study his character."

Nevertheless, the work of Soraya in the series, and the audience appreciated and criticism on Globo come sacks of letters from women Iveta lover.

But the greatest gift Soraya has received from Isaac Bernt husband (he`s an actor and teacher in drama school) and 10-year-old daughter Zhulii while were shooting "family ties" They were preparing a CD with the songs of Soraya Rovenle.

Soraya was so happy that after the filming of "family ties" threw a big party for colleagues on the series, where all were treated to traditional Jewish dishes, braised fish that Soraya has prepared himself.

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