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Date of Birth: 11/17/1966

Age: 50

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France

Sophie Marceau - Dying for love

The Franco-Polish love

Sophie Marceau (real name Mopyu) was born November 17, 1966 in Paris. Her parents were ordinary people with average incomes: his mother worked as a saleswoman, and her father - the driver. Despite this, Sophie believed that it is waiting for a starry future. What will it be - she did not know. She, like many girls love to sing, dance and dream of the actress`s career.

Sophie Luck smiled quite early. She was 14 years old when one of her friends told that director Claude Pinoteau gaining teenagers for his new film. Despite the high competition and lack of any acting skills, Marceau managed to get the lead role. The film `Bum` (1980) had an incredible success, and Sophie woke up famous. the continuation of `2` Boom (1982) was filmed two years later, for a role in which the young actress won` Sezar`.

Seeing the success of his daughter in the movie, the parents insisted that Sophie has signed a contract with the largest French film company `Gaumont`. However, this project did not come true. On one of the film festivals Marceau met Polish director Andrzej Zulawski and love. She was 16 and he was 42, but age was no obstacle to their whirlwind romance. For the sake of the beloved Sophie broke the contract, paid a million penalty and went with him to Poland.

For Sophie Andrew was everything - and a caring father and a passionate lover. According to her, it was he who made from a sweet charming girl a professional actress. In some ways she was right. Movies Zulawski lyubov` `Crazy (1985),` My beautiful night of your dney` (1989) and `Blue nota` (1991) have shown the potential of the cast Marceau, opened a real talent. And she did not care that her husband`s films did not bring money. The actress has repeatedly said that it is able to do without money and career, but ready to die for love.

But family life did not go well. Sophie needed only as Andrzej actress and mistress. She dreamed of the children and wept, when once again had an abortion. In 1994, Marceau said to her husband, that either they will have a child, or it goes away from him. Andrzej waved and actress went to America to make a film `Braveheart serdtse` (1995). Fearing that she would always throw it, Zulawski went overseas to ask for forgiveness. They returned home, and in 1995 was born the son of Vincent.

Looking for a new love

Mel Gibson`s film `Braveheart serdtse` became the first English-language film, Marceau and her first success in America. According to the director, he chose Sophie, because she is beautiful and sensual actress. However, innocent beauty and glory of the early teenager helped shape the image, from which the actress for a long time could not get rid of. At the mention of Marceau somehow all at once remembered dilogy Bum` `` Studentka` and film (1988).

However, with time there were serious actress career mature role. In addition to these films Zulawski include paintings `For oblakami` (1995),` Anna Karenina` (1997), `And malo` (1999) of the whole world. By the way, Sophie said that she loved to read Andrzej Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Due to the primary source it is better able to understand her character and love Russian culture.

Although the birth of a son, married Sophie still collapsed. In the 36 years she realized that Andrew actually never loved her. The actress took her son and went to France, and to forget her husband, plunged into the work. Suddenly, in the life of Marceau reappeared producer Jim Lemley, whom she met while working on `Anna Kareninoy`. Their affair began, which resulted in the birth of a daughter Juliette. However, three years later it fell apart and the Union.

In 1995, Sophie Marceau surprised everyone by removing the short films` Dawn naiznanku`. And in 2002, at the Montreal Film Festival, she received the award for best director for his film `Tell me about lyubvi` (2002). Marceau directorial debut was well received by critics and revealed new facets of her talent the world. While working on another painting `Lost in Dovile` (2007), Sophie has not been able to find an actor for the lead role. It was only by chance on her eye caught an old magazine with footage from the film `Gorets`. Then she realized that in her film to play Christopher Lambert.

`Lost in Dovile` Marceau brought another award in Montreal for vkladv cinema. But that was not the main thing. On set, she began a relationship with Lambert, and they began dating. In 2012, Sophie and Christopher got married. How exactly once noticed the actress, she always dropped out to live with foreigners. Her son - a Pole, daughter - American. Sophie says she feels `svoey` everywhere.

It seems as if Marceau`s career is just beginning. In recent years it has become very popular. Movies `I`ll Great little (2010),` Love prepyatstviyami` (2012), `One vstrecha` (2014) was a huge success. Such popularity of the actress did not know from the movie `Bum`. The audience loved Sophie again, but no longer sees it as a charming teenager. It has evolved into a mature, beautiful woman with great acting potential.

So the role of Sophie Marceau best is yet to come. The actress continues to act in films, theater plays, swims and draws oil paintings. In July 2014 it was reported that Sophie and Christopher parted. Marceau confirmed this information, saying that the decision was mutual, and they remained good friends.

Given that Sophie looks great, there is no doubt that her life is not yet a man. And perhaps the actress will meet your true love, which wants to live the rest of his days. Now all the time Marceau paid work and children. She believes that you can not have peace if only live for themselves.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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