Sophie Burgess

Picture of Sophie Burgess

Age: 10

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Recorder nearly ruined schoolgirl

Sam Burgess, 33-year-old resident of Ipswich, Suffolk (Ipswich, Suffolk), brought his eight-year daughter Sophie Hospital Ipswich (Ipswich Hospital) March 3, 2013-GO, at 17:40, believing that her baby`s sore throat. However, upon arrival at the clinic Sophie state beginning to deteriorate rapidly. Mrs. Burgess said, `I knew that something was wrong. She was breathing with difficulty. I spoke four times registrar that Sophie is getting worse and worse, but I was told that the case is not an emergency, Sophie, and that there are people in the worst sostoyanii`.

Finally, at 19:30 the girl examined, and the hospital was caused by a pediatrician. A 20-minute Sophie was taken to the operating room, where she introduced the tube into the airway and diagnosed tracheitis - mortally dangerous condition in which the windpipe swells, and patients experience serious difficulties with breathing. Schoolgirl has been translated into a supporting ventilation, and her condition is constantly monitored.

An hour later, Mrs. Burgess and her husband Michael (Michael) could not dozvatsya Sophie, who has ceased to respond to anything. Her life hung in the balance. Sam says, `My little girl almost died, and I was so angry at the doctors. I do not want to think what might have happened. This story could be quite different konets`. Sophie spent 48 hours in intensive care before being allowed to go home, which celebrated its 8th birthday.

Mrs. Burgess has filed a formal complaint to the hospital, and a full investigation is carried out today. It has been reported that the activity of female registrar suspended pending clarification of all details. Sam is dissatisfied with the actions of only the registrar; She acknowledged the work of emergency medical aid office. Mother Sophie says: `One doctor told me that if we were in the clinic Riverside (Riverside Clinic) (which was previously based emergency service), probably would not have time to bring the girl to the operational otdelenie`. Burgess adds: `Even a little bit, and we would have lost Sofi`.

James Waits (James Waites), data center specialist, has reacted to the case Burgess follows: `We can not comment on individual cases of medical care, because, we would violate the patient`s privacy. If the patient feels that our service does not meet the high standards, which we try to follow, we invite it to us to know podrobnosti`. Waits adds: `We consider any complaint very seriously and conduct a thorough investigation of incidents, reporting results to parents. We can confirm that one of the employees suspended from duty pending the outcome of our issledovaniya`.

By the way, in November of 2012 there was a sad case where a seven-week baby died of pneumonia after a doctor of emergency medical aid office of the Hospital Whittington in north London (Whittington Hospital, London) on the basis of a telephone conversation, which lasted only one minute I made the wrong conclusion about the child`s condition. The medical coroner, who dealt with the case, found that Axel died after `completely neadekvatnogo` solutions doctor.