Sofiya Kovalevskaya

Picture of Sofiya Kovalevskaya

Date of Birth: 01/15/1850

Age: 41

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Sofia Kovalevskaya was born 3 (15) January 1850 in Moscow, died on January 29 (February 10), 1891 in Stockholm.

Mathematician and writer and publicist, the first woman - corresponding member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1889), elected on the proposal of academics Chebyshev, VG Imshenetskii and VY Bunyakovskii.

Kovalevskaya received a comprehensive education and early displayed exceptional mathematical abilities. Since 1866 in Petersburg Kovalevskaya took lessons in mathematics from the famous pedagogue AN Strannolyubski. Access to women in St. Petersburg University at that time was closed. In 1868 Kovalevskaya, to be able to do science, entered into a marriage (who later became the de facto) with VO Kovalevsky and in 1869 went to Heidelberg, where he studied mathematics.

In 1870 Kovalevskaya moved to Berlin, where he worked for 4 years Weierstrass, who agreed to give her private lessons (University of Berlin women are also not allowed). In 1874 on the basis of three works Kowalewski, Weierstrass representation, Gottingen University in absentia awarded her PhD degree.

In 1874 Kovalevskaya returned to Russia, but she could not get a place at St. Petersburg University. Then Kovalevskaya almost 6 years has moved away from scientific work zanyalasliteraturno and journalistic activities, cooperating in the newspapers. In 1880 Kovalevskaya moved to Moscow, but the university she was not allowed to take the master`s examinations.

In 1881 Kovalevskaya moved to Berlin and then to Paris, trying to get a professorship at the University for Women in France. In 1883 he returned to Russia. In November 1883 she went to Sweden, received an invitation to the Swedish mathematician Mittag-Leffler to take the post of assistant professor at the University of Stockholm.

In 1884 Kovalevskaya was appointed professor at the University of Stockholm. During 8 years read 12 courses. Kovalevskaya was a member of the editorial board of the Swedish journal