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Year of birth : 1978

Age: 37 years

Birthplace : Fullerton, Fullerton, California, United States

Citizenship : United States


The first raw, dirty and fast chords heard in Orange County, California in 1978, becoming an echo of the London, New York and Los Angeles-based punk scene. Thus local punks have directed their energies against a quiet and serene life of the coastal town.

The government reacted to this phenomenon with suspicion and closed a number of clubs, considering their gangster haven. However, from the punk it was not easy to get rid of, and in 1979 there was one team Buzoter. The group was called "Social distortion",and he founded its Mike Ness in company with Casey Royer and Bratz Ricky and Frank Agnew.

The very first performance of the team was accompanied by the appearance of the police, and the concert ended quite " fun ". Ness hit one of the cops spit in the face, for which he was immediately tied and escorted to jail.At the exit there, Mike continued his " subversive " activities and decided to join the ranks of "Social distortion" an ardent supporter of the philosophy of punk Dennis Dannelom. However, this guy no matter what do not know how to play, and Ness in his other bassists than irritated his colleagues. As a result, Agnew brothers and Royer departed to organize his own gang ,and Mike could only rush with a knife on the wall, simultaneously shredding your fingers.

Social distortionPoka Ness tekuchkoj versed with the composition of its project, the Californian punk song began to get on the air, and the owner of the company "Posh boy" Robbie Fields scouring the hot spots in search of talented teams and signed them to his label. In paws he also caught and "Social distortion", and in 1981 on the "Posh" released their first single. In 1982, the team shone in the documentary "Another state of mind", and also made the first global tour of the States. 1983rd was marked for the group is not only the abundance of fights and clashes with the police, the release of their debut album ,and regular staff changes. Brent bygone Lils and Derek O`Brien replaced John Maurer (bass) and Christopher Rice (drums), and Dannel moved to guitar.

Sam Ness while I became interested in drugs,and as a result "Social distortion" content with rare local concerts in between his hospitalization and getting into jail. In 1985, the singer ended up in hospital for a long time to get rid of drug addiction and was able to fully return to his team only in 1988. Since then, the team things went uphill. Social distortionPosle output class album "Prison bound" the band moved to the major label "Epic". There`s "Social distortion" released a couple of long play, and then were able to afford to make a long break from studio work. This took the company "Time bomb recordings", re-released in 1995, "Mommy`s little monster","Prison bound" single-coil and the compilation "Mainliner, Wreckage from the Past". In the same year, " Social Distortion " finally got to the studio, which recorded one of his best works "White light, white heat, white trash". In August 1996 - another replacement, and a place behind the drums took Chuck Biskvits. Summer next year, the team conducted a tour along with "Pennywise", "Helmet" and "Mighty Mighty Bosstones", and recorded the live album "Live at Roxy" in 1998.

In 1999, Mike Ness decided to try his hand at a solo career and released his first album "Cheating at solitaire". February 29, 2000 Dennis Dannel died at the age of 38 years. At the concert,dedicated to his memory, in addition to the "Social distortion" made "Offspring", "T.S.O.L.", "X", "Pennywise" and others. At the end of 2000, the composition of the "SD" added guitarist Johnny Vikerskhemom and drummer Charlie Quintana.

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Social Distortion photo
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