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Group "Six feet under" initially had the status of a side project of vocalist Chris Barnes and "Cannibal corpse" and guitarist Allen West of "Obituary". With bassist "Death" Terry Butler and drummer Greg Gaulle they were going to play a short time, but fate decreed otherwise.

Relationships in the home team Barnes strained to the limit,with the result that he broke up with his former colleagues, and devoted himself entirely to the new project, which became in fact death metal supergroup. Their debut 1995 album, "Haunted", contains the characteristic "gentleman`s set" death metal - riffs and gloomy afterlife relevant texts.Thanks to the tour in support of its circulation reached 35,000 copies of the album. Some things are recorded during the tour hit the "Alive And Dead" EP, released in 1986. This release also contains a couple of new songs and a cover version of "Grinder" "Judas priest". Six feet under serious musician studio work could take until next year,because the West was busy at the sessions with the "Obituary". After some time after the release of "Warpath" Allen still parted with "Six feet under", and was replaced by Steve Swanson of another death metal band "Massacre". The emergence of a new guitarist happily reflected in the quality of the products distributed by the group,and the new album has received good reviews in the metal community. At the moment, "Maximum Violence" is probably the best release in the discography of "Six feet under". successful tour followed him in the company of "Danzig", as well as the team`s participation in the " 2000 Vans Warped Tour".Six feet under If "Maximum Violence" was present only one "alien" composition ("War Machine" from "Kiss"), in 2000 the team decided to record a covers album "Graveyard Classics" groups such as the "Scorpions", " AC / DC "," Black Sabbath "," Exodus ",

"Savatage", "Venom". There also strangely got things "Sex pistols","Dead Kennedys" and even Jimi Hendrix. The following year, "Six feet under" even more surprised the audience, calling as a "guest" on one of the tracks of the new album of rapper Ice-T. However, the record was generally good and had commercial success in Europe, hitting the charts in countries such as Germany and Austria.As a bonus to the "True Carnage" was attended by the video "The Day The Dead Walked". Although the disc clip was presented in full, but to be shown on television, it banned due to extreme scenes with corpses. Almost the whole of 2002 the team spent in the North American and European tour, riding in the company with a variety of bands,such as "Skinless", "Marduk", "Kataklysm" and others.

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