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Place of birth: Mallorca

Citizenship: Spain

I am happy that it has

Sinto Bestard born in Mallorca (Majorca). He lost his eyesight four decades ago, when he was a little over forty; They say it happened on a medical error. Whatever it was, Shinto did not despair and began to lead the life of a disabled refined - he ordered the fate in store for him at his own discretion.

Yachting Bestrada always been interested in, but in the past he did not have much time for him, after the loss of vision, he decided it was time to make the dream a reality. So Shinto born very ambitious plans - he decided to circumvent the globe on a yacht. House became his yacht `Snooty Fox`. By the way, on a yacht in his absolute order - indeed, a man without vision is much easier to know exactly where that is. Modern navigational seriously improve the life of the captain. He travels around the world`s seas and oceans for several years.

With special love Bestrad says about Antarctica. Thus, despite the cold, he just fell in love with this place. `Etosamoe paradise in the world, - said in an interview with the traveler - the sun on your skin on a windless day - it`s just blagoslovenie`.

And he recommends that travelers to the Marquesas Islands (Marquesas Islands |). `They are 3,000 kilometers south-west of the Galapagos, - says Shinto - These islands are great, high, painted in green and red colors ... I visited them when blinded, and they just zamechatelny`.

It is known that Shinto has six adult children, all of them from time to time accompanied by his father in his voyages.

To date, blind captain four times already done a circumnavigation route, having been on all the oceans and continents.

Shinto does not hide the fact that, of course, life was more beautiful and lighter when he had his eyes, but now he is still enjoying it. In addition, he believes that the main thing - it is love, and this requires more than just a vision.

Photos blind captain makes the Spanish photo artist Laia Abril (Laia Abril).

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