Simon Gorelik

Picture of Simon Gorelik

Date of Birth: 05/03/1920

Age: 96

Place of birth: Mykolaiv

Citizenship: Russia


Simon Wolfowitz Gorelik (3 May 1920), a veteran member of the Second World War, was born in the city of Nikolaev, Nikolaev region, Ukraine. His father was a worker. When Simon was six years old, his family moved to Leningrad. After high school, he entered the military school, was a Komsomol ticket. At nineteen he entered the Leningrad Tank Technical School. In those days, when entering such kind of troops, all applicants are carefully selected.

The Simon School Wolfowitz was general military school. The commander of a platoon at first was Lieutenant Avdienko, then Colonel Savelyev.

In the forty-first year of Simon was sent to serve in the Western Ukraine in the 10th Panzer Division. In the same year his father was mobilized, and his younger brother, he went to the front as a volunteer.

22 June, the day when the war began, the district where it was before their division, bombed. Two days before the bombing was shot down a German plane in which the documents found on the upcoming attack. Division had to urgently redeploy.

At the very beginning of the war in the military there were rumors about the need to retreat, about too many enemy forces. This situation seriously undermines the morale of the Soviet soldiers.

August 5, 1941, in the village of Budenovka Simon received a tangential wound in the head and shrapnel in the leg. He had been assigned to an army hospital at Stalingrad. Simon later recalled that, despite the large number of injured people did not lose faith in victory.

After Simon was released, he was sent to the North-Western Front. At this point, he was awarded the medal `For Otvagu` and wore zvaniestarshego lieutenant.

After a brief service in avtorote, Simon was ordered to go to Moscow. The city at that time prevailed hunger. The food is rarely a bad thing. Two months later came a new distribution, and he went to serve in the Molotov region.

There he defined in the motorized rifle battalion company commander. Their battalion commanded by Captain Gulidov. In 1943, their team launched an attack on the enemy position. The case, which served Simon, carrying huge losses. Many of his colleagues were killed.

In July 1943 began the battle at Prokhorovka in the defensive stage of the Kursk battle. Soviet troops commanded by Lt. Gen. armored forces Paul Rotmistrov. German troops have been unable to break through the Soviet defenses and take Prokhorovka. But the Soviet army failed to surround the enemy.

From autumn-winter 1942 chassis, which fought as part of Simon, he was placed under the command of Lieutenant-General armored forces Alexei Popov. Simon Wolfowitz recalls Popov as a good and caring leader who loved his soldiers and coast. In 1945 Popov insisted that all commanders who were under his command, was given awards to all his soldiers.

In 1944, when Simon was 24 years old, he became head of the department of motor housing. In 1945, its body was sent to the Brest region. Here Simon was promoted to deputy commander of a motorized infantry regiment on the technical side and served in until 1960.

Simon Zhirinovsky often recalls the events of the 5th May 1945. Then he and his wife were in Berlin, where they left their signatures on the walls of the Reichstag.