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Year of birth : 1957

Age: 58 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


The most successful folk -rock duo rock 60ies, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel produced a memorable albums and singles, representing the proportionality of the sound of acoustic and electric guitars, as well as composing talent Simon. However, according to many critics of his ability was much more fully when he started his solo career in the 70s. However, still belong to the best works of Simon -time work with Garfunkel. From album to album the duo progressed, shifting the emphasis from folk-rock to the side gospel and Latin rhythms. Childhood friends, Paul and Art grew up together in New York and started recording in 1957. The first work from the pen while the duo, but vsestill reminded creativity "Everly brothers". Under the guise of "Tom and Jerry" the band released their first single, "Hey schoolgirl", hit the US Top 50. However, subsequent releases had this success.

The duo broke up, and Simon continued to work as a songwriter. In the early 60`s in the wake of the heyday of folk music Simon and Garfunkel reunited. The duo signed a contract with "Columbia records" and in 1964 under the guise of "Simon and Garfunkel" released his debut acoustic album, "Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.". The album was not very successful and the band re- ran.

Simon and GarfunkelSaymon dumped in England and there recorded a solo album, also had no little success. The story "Simon & Garfunkel" might have ended if not for their producer Tom Wilson (who worked also on the early albums of Bob

Dylan) . He took the best track from their debut album, "Sound of silence", and decorated it with electric guitars, drums and basuhoy. In early 1966, the song topped the charts ,and it gave impetus to reunite the duo, for which Simon came back to the States. In 1966 and 1967 "Simon & Garfunkel" regularly got into the charts with hits like "Homeward bound", "I am a rock" and "A hazy shade of winter". Early albums duo were damp, but the quality of work has improved steadily, t. To. Simon is constantly honing his songwriting. Disc "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme", released in late 1966, was their first of the good work.

A record 1968 "Bookends", contained material already published several singles and new tracks, fully reflected the maturity of the duo. One of the songs, "Mrs. Robinson",It became one of the greatest hits of the late `60s. This article, along with other compositions "Simon and Garfunkel" sounded on the soundtrack to the popular at the time of the film "The Graduate".

Simon and GarfunkelNa end of the 60s the musicians started having problems. Firstly they are already rather tired of each other, and secondly Simon has been closely within the framework of the duo. Artoo, too tired to stay in the shadow of his colleagues, because he did not write practically any thing, although his high tenor was of great importance in a duet. Because of all this, they have their own studio to record the party separately, since 1969 terminating concerts. The last studio album by Simon and Garfunkel ,"Bridge Over Troubled Waters", was a huge success in the 10 weeks leading the American charts. The title track, as well as three others ("The Boxer," "Cecilia" and "El Condor Pasa"), published by the singles, also occupied the top of the charts. It seems to the collapse of the case did not go, just the band took a break in the studio. But this break is too long, and Paul Simon began his solo career, which brought him no less success than working in a duet.

In 1975, Paul and Art come together to record the single "My little town", since only occasionally speaking together. In 1981 they gave a concert in New York`s Central Park, which attracted very many people.On the basis of this performance it was released " live ". Subsequently, it was a joint tour, but the studio works of the duo is no longer produced.

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