Shifra Blinova

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Age: 91

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: United States

Best grandmother in New York

Cheerful 86-year old woman was born in the Ukraine; his Slavic roots Shifra not forgotten - on the talent competition she, along with two grandchildren, she sang a Russian song.

During his life, Blinov had time to see much - so, during the Second World War, she worked as a nurse.

In beauty contests Shifra involved is not the first time - a resident of Sheepshead Bay (Sheepshead Bay) fights for the crown of the Queen of Grandmothers for four years. Finally, her perseverance was crowned with success - in the next contest (sponsored, as always, the Brooklyn Public group `Be Proud`) Blinov took the 1st place in the category of` over 69 let`.

She has a high reward Shifra tearfully. In his acceptance speech, she admitted that she never counted on the 1 st place - Blinov has got used to the idea that everyone has forgotten about it and was ready to go home empty-handed.

Judges of the competition - and they were recruited from the elderly living nearby - was struck in the code in the first place, its inexhaustible - and in many infectious - the internal energy. As one jury member, 65-year-old Alexander Lachmann (Alexander Lachman), alone nablyudenieza as active old women made him feel a few years younger - and seriously regret that he would never be able to chat with these ladies in the days of their youth .

Blinov said that has always tried to maintain a healthy body. In various artistic competitions and events it participates with five. Even now, when most of her peers spend almost all my free time on the bench, gossiping about the neighbors, Shifra prefers to lead an active life. More than just a brisk old lady loves to sing and act on stage.

No less vigorously and looked the other Queen Contest - Bella divide-Bard (Bella Deleu-Bard). As Shifra, Bella lives in Sheepshead Bay; unlike Blinova, however, he fought in the category up to 69 `let`. Judges 65-year old woman were pleased with fiery Spanish dance; assisted by her grandson, 20-year-old Roma Caves (Roma Khaves). Despite the fact that the preparation of the dance numbers took in Bella Roma, and most of the night, enjoy the performances she received incredible.

As a reward, Bella and Cipher received glass trophies and winners of brand new sofas.

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