Sharlotta Rempling

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Date of Birth: 05/02/1946

Age: 70

Place of birth: Stoermers

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Do not recognize restrictions

Charlotte Rampling - creator of shock: "The Night Porter" Liliana Cavani (love prisoner camp to his the officer) and "Max, My Love" Nagisa Oshima (love of a woman to the monkey). After this film, which was filmed "last taboo", the actress said she does not want to hide from life through cinema. But she had no time to do it with the help of psychiatric hospitals, which she has never concealed.

We met with Rampling in Venice on the seaside terrace, which corresponds to the "beach" role that the actress has just starred in Laurent Kante "South". Her heroine with two girlfriends - horny white women - is sent to the "tourist paradise" - the island of Haiti. There she indulges in carnal pleasures with the young handsome black, is behind the "paradise" does not show the grim backing: everything happens in the 70 years of the twentieth century, when Haiti`s brutal military regime prevailed.

Author: Andrew Plakhov

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"I Felt a German Nazi era"

- The actress often talk about how their way of life was a man who brought them to the people. Apparently, for this role you played a meeting with Luchino Visconti?

- I see life as a kind of puzzle, a maze. No one can explain when, why and how manages to do something significant. And then begins the usual shit .... Visconti showed me, a young actress, what would be the movie. He showed the quality - and since then I have always worked for him, and not to glory. If this is about, and I regret that I could not play as expected, at the Visconti in "innocent". And this film was his last.

- How did your first meeting?

- Luchino was looking for actors for the film "Twilight of the Gods" around the world. At 22, I had already starred in several British movies. I was poorly versed in the film and, imagine, had no idea who the Visconti. They sent me the script and called for the role of a woman of thirty, the mother of two children that I was not pleased. Visconti saw my disappointment, long quietly examined me and said, "I`ll teach you to be an actress. Because you`re an actress, but it is not yet understood. I do not play, I have only what is hiding in your eyes. " Luchino told to dress and make up for me, I looked in the mirror and felt Elizabeth, a German Nazi era.

- The next milestone of your career was the film by Liliana Cavani, "Night Porter". The scene where you sing topless in SS cap and long gloves, included in anthologies of world cinema. How do you now feel about this picture?

- It incorporated a lot of things, and every time, each culture reads something different. I perceived love story supervisor and prisoner in a concentration camp as a model of human relations in general. Also, for me it was an experience, of course, not gone through in reality, but it became from that moment on my own. I discovered something similar in his personality depth. I had to appear naked in a wig, it was physically almost unbearable. I know exactly what would not have to repeat this experience. And even just to appear in Liliana Cavani no longer dared, in spite of her persistent proposals.

"Man, like a bird, should just peck"

- Whether to keep your passion of the Asian culture?

- Yes, in my youth, like many, was "Asian Age". The last half-century we live in a world where becoming less taboo, and people in search of the road, its truth can apply to an increasing number of sources. He, like a bird, should just nibble.

- What do you think, "South" relevant tapes and why it deferred action director in the 70s?

- Movie Theme - physical attraction and sex on the background of the situation in the world, when it gets deeper the gulf between rich and poor. Today sex tourism thrives, thirty years ago it was more hidden. But even then, and now the woman was a lot harder than a man to indulge yourself and buy partner. For me personally, paid sex is of no value, but many feel differently, and I do not blame them.

- Do you like to travel?

- Before - yes. Now, as a tourist traveling rare. Leisure time has become a luxury in general. I am a contemplative nature, I love to stay at home, read a book, chat with friends, sometimes go to the theater. I tried addicted to the Internet, but did not. But I fell in love with e-mails. Write to me, write! (Rampling contagious laughs.)