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The main risk - is to do nothing

Shannon Galpin (Shannon Galpin) - American founder of the humanitarian organization `Mountain2Mountain`, dedicated to help women and children in conflict zones. Shannon each time laughs when she is asked, loves if she adventure - she said, her much nicer quiet life with his family and in abundance, but once she realized he could no longer ignore what is going on in the world and said his word . Galpin was born in the United States (USA) and grew quite happy child: a good student at school, was one of two daughters in a good-natured American family. She was only 18 years old when she was attacked by an unknown man pulled her into a dark alley, raped, beaten and left to die. The last effort, Shannon was able to call for help, but in rehabilitation - both physical and psychological - are gone for many years.

Shortly thereafter, she had a family and a daughter. Since then it`s been 13 years, and it seemed that all the past is behind us, but suddenly on her own sister was attacked in her home town. In America. And that was the last straw of patience for Galpin. `Everyone should take risks - says it in his lecture - everyone has to make a choice and to risk their lives for a greater chego-to. We are all afraid of cruelty, pain, death, in the end, but if you look from the side ... who said that to change the world so easily? `

After selling their home, all the decorations, and even a car Shannon in 2006, she founded a charitable organization - `Mountain2Mountain`, intending to make the lives of women and children a little but better. None of the friends of Shannon had no idea what to get you started, but one day in the newspaper there was a small article about that Afghanistan (Afghanistan) has once again been recognized as the most dysfunctional country for women - and work It started. Not knowing the language, traditions and culture of the country, Galpin has arrived in military Kabul (Kabul), where by chance met with one of the `victims`: Aisha was married at 12 years old, but her husband-Taliban so badly she was treated, she decided get away from him. Unfortunately, soon fugitive was caught and national men`s court, was sentenced to a shameful punishment: she cut off his nose and both ears. Sama Shannon admitted that at first, and did not believe in the story of a girl poskol ku she lived as a victim and was not afraid to look people in the eye, but after a few conversations with her, she realized that even in the world`s most dangerous country can change something, if you really want it. A few months Shannon traveled the country and talked with women in prisons and remote villages and take photos, which will soon appear in the world`s major publications.

Despite the criticism and `bezdeystvie` in which her many criticized, Galpin, in his words, and does not pretend to the role of super-woman; all she seeks - it is the attention of politicians, civil society activists and volunteers, who will be able to work directly with residents of countries `on ravnyh` and advocate for change in their behavior. `The worst thing - is to start talking, to overcome all its stereotypes and practices, to break all taboos. First, your voice no one can hear, but then his support drugie`. To tell about the problems of Afghanistan, Shannon organized a competition for the best graffiti in Kabul, and later works have been exhibited in various museums around the world.

However, the most adventurous project Shannon today is a bike ride on Afghanistan, one she traveled around the country, in which a woman has no right to control the bike. Having met hundreds of people, having stood face to face with hundreds of the Taliban, she successfully completed her journey that has inspired hundreds of people to such a rally elsewhere in the world. For his humanitarian work Shannon times nominated for various prizes and awards. So, in 2013, she was nominated for `Adventurers of the Year`, but by the number of votes lost to the Austrian parachutist, take the jump with a parachute from space.

Shannon works as a journalist, talking about it heard stories in major US magazines and newspapers. `I do not need to be afraid of what you fear the most, and what can you do anything in his zhizni` - sure Shannon.