Serviy Galba

Picture of Serviy Galba

Citizenship: Italy


When Tiberius he was elected to honorary positions: appointed praetor in 31 received the governorship in Aquitaine, and in 33 - the consulate. Gaius Caligula sent his legate in Upper Germany. Standing at the head of a legion, he showed himself a stern and exacting commander (Suetonius: `Galba`, 4, 6). Over the Hutts, and chipped in 41, almost up to the Gaul, he won a decisive victory (Dio 60, 8). Princeps, who visited his camp, Galba pleased good schooling of troops, and even more by the fact that after the exercise ran for his chariot as much as 20 miles. At the news of the murder of Caligula, many advised Galba to take this opportunity to seize power, but he chose to stay away. In this way he has got a great location Claudia, was admitted to the circle of his friends and has reached such a honor, because of his sudden and serious illness was delayed even hike in Britain. In 45 he received no dice proconsulate two years in Africa, to restore order in the province, troubled by internal strife and because of the revolts of the barbarians; and he brought order to the hard rigor and fairness even in small things. For his services in Africa and Germany, he received the triumphal ornaments, and a priest was elected three board immediately. And from that time almost to the middle of the reign of Nero he lived mostly in peace and even went for a walk not only as themselves with a million gold in the next carriage. 61 Finally, he was appointed to the Hispania Tarraconensis. The province he governed for eight years, but it is not constant and different. At first, he was harsh and abrupt and did not even know steps in punishment for misconduct. So one moneychanger for cheating in the exchange of money, he ordered to cut off the hands and nails to nail them to the table; guardian who wasted poison orphan to get after the inheritance, he ordered to be crucified on the cross, and when he began to cry out to the law, assuring that it is - a Roman citizen, Galba, though easing his sentence, ordered to transfer it to another cross, above and other bleached. But gradually he fell into inactivity and idleness (Suetonius: `Galba`; 6-9).

This was the case when in 68 rebelled against Nero praetor Gaul Junius Vindex. It is reported that before the opening speech to the Galba received a letter from Vindex; He did not give any answer, however, and did not carry to Rome. But after Vindex started an open war, he again wrote to Galba, urging him to accept the supreme authority and give more power uprising - to lead Gaul, which already has 100,000 armed soldiers, and can put even more. Galba called friends on the council. Some of them believed that they should wait until they find out what Rome will respond to this revolution. But Titus Viny, head of the praetorian cohorts, without thinking twice, he cried out: "What else then meeting, Galba! After pondering whether to keep us faithful to Nero, we are no longer loyal to him! And if we now Nero an enemy, you can not lose the friendship of Vindex. Or otherwise, should immediately oppose him with accusations and military forces for what he wants to get rid of the Romans from the tyranny of Nero and give them to the rulers of you. "

Then Galba special decree appointed a day, in which promised to release a significant portion of the prisoners; rumors and rumors spread about this in advance and put together a huge crowd of people, eager for revolution. No sooner had Galba appear on the platform, all in one voice proclaimed him emperor. Galba at that time did not accept the imperial title; saying the charges against Nero and mourn the strongest and most well-known among his victims, he agreed to serve the fatherland, being called, however, to not Caesar and the Emperor, and the commander of the Roman Senate and People. Many governors fell away from Nero, and almost all took the side of Galba, but Verginius, head of the German legions in Gaul, announced that he did not accept the supreme rule and not allow anyone to get it against the will and choice of the Senate. He spoke out against Vindex, and crushed it into stubborn battle. Lost 20 000 people Vindex committed suicide.

Alarmed by this, Galba returned to Spain and began to wait, what`s all over. In June, news came that Nero committed suicide, and the Senate proclaimed emperor Galba (Plutarch: `Galba`; 4-7). Then Galba folded title of legate, took the name of Caesar and delivered in a way, wearing a military cloak and dagger hanging on the chest (Suetonius: `Galba