Sergey Vlasov

Picture of Sergey Vlasov

Date of Birth: 05/13/1950

Age: 66

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Sergey Vlasov podilsya May 13, 1950 in Moscow. Father - Vlasov Mikhail Nikitich (1908-1993), worked all his life in the system Mosenergo engineer-manager, entered in the book of honor of the Ministry of Energy of the USSR. Mother - Vlasova Valentina Gavrilovna (. G.rozhd 1920), most of his life was a homemaker, mother of two sons. Wife - Natalia Alexeeva (1946 g.rozhd.).

Since childhood Foremost S.Vlasova desire was to compose. I wrote before school, wrote poetry, short stories, fables, reading their guests family. In 13 years, I began the novel "The genius of kindness", which is not finished. At school, he worked in the wall newspaper, wrote scripts for theater school. Sergei knew it would be a journalist or a writer, but to study journalism at the Literary Institute or did not want to, because I was sure that it is impossible to teach journalism. Later, he formulated the thesis that the "journalist - a special state of mind."

In 1967 he graduated from high school with a special two slopes - math and English, and entered Moscow Energy Institute. He graduated in 1974 with a degree in "nuclear power plant", with the qualification of engineer-heating engineer. While studying at the institute he worked in a large-circulation newspaper "Energetic" editor of the cultural department. He wrote about the theater, cinema, reviewed books, wrote stories, fairy tales. He was twice awarded the "Golden Pen" as the best reporter, established for large-circulation newspapers Union of Journalists of the USSR. He was Commissioner of the detachment difficult teenagers, organized for their summer work camps in the Crimea. Generally, always I wanted something unusual and sought him.

After MEI has made a free distribution. Year I am looking for a job for everyone. In 1975 he was admitted to the staff of the magazine "Ogonyok", where he worked for 12 years, first literary staff of the Department of Science (1975-1980), then head of the Department of humorous anecdotes (1980-1984) and a special correspondent for the magazine (1984-1987).

He was widely known as the author of sensational essays about phenomena, discoverers, men of unusual, such as, for example, clairvoyant Vanga, Porfiry Ivanov, Juna, hypnotist Vladimir Raykov, eye surgeon Svyatoslav Fyodorov, a gastroenterologist Jacob Vitebsk and others. Often it was the first publication of these people in the Soviet press, which helped his heroes to break through bureaucratic barriers.

Many of the heroes of his essays S. Vlasov helped to lay down a broken-biography, restore the good name, to find justice in the midst of the usual despair. For example, after his articles in the Journal of the local authorities in Voroshilovgrad stopped poison Porfiry Ivanov. Through the efforts of a journalist in 1987 in the village of Red Army returned to the Krasnodar Territory faithful church, which was previously a kindergarten was handed over at the behest of the authorities.

His highest achievements as a journalist and public figure S.M.Vlasov considers its active participation in the creation of: Center of Eye Microsurgery Svyatoslav Fyodorov, the Center for Alternative Medicine "Juna", Center for the restoration of ancient musical instruments Vladimir Povetkin in Novgorod, Gastroenterology Center Jacob Vitebsk in Kurgan, Museum of Boris Pasternak in Peredelkino, Laboratory hypnosis Vladimir Raikov, Igor Charkovsky in US aquaculture Academy.

S.M.Vlasov thrice honored with the title of the best articles of the year, the award winner of im.Gilyarovskogo "Spark" award and a diploma of the USSR Union of Journalists of the best stories of the year. According to academician Leonid Leonov, "Sergei Vlasov journalism - a special kind, but rather a social architecture."

In 1990, Sergey Vlasov created the "geniuses School" - a charitable institution to support talent. The authors of bold ideas and talented projects exhibited a kind of auction, many of them were "sold out" - that is, for them, found patrons.

Since 1991 - in the creative work. S.M.Vlasov - one of the founders of the magazine "Our Heritage", for four years he was a special correspondent for the magazine and head of the department of journalism. During the year, he worked as deputy chief editor of "Miracles and Adventures". From 1993 to 1995 he was editor in chief and president of JSC "Newspaper Hermes".

In 1995 he was awarded the Order S.M.Vlasov Sv.Stanislava 1st degree. Quote from submission to award: "For the special contribution to the formation of a new Russian ... for the support of talented endeavors ..." At the time, the cavalry of the Polish Order was Empress Catherine II and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

In May of that year, Sergey Vlasov was awarded the International Order of St. Constantine the Great, and a year later, in May 1996, he became commander of the Russian branch of the Order of St. Constantine the Great, the most ancient on the planet awards extant.

The Order was founded in 330 AD by Emperor Constantine the Great. Once his gentlemen were outstanding, our compatriots Peter the Great, Alexander Suvorov, Pavel Tretyakov, Savva Mamontov. After 1917, for nearly eight decades, the citizens of Russia this order is not awarded. This tradition was restored only in 1995, and the first Knight of the Order so was Sergei Vlasov in the new Russia. Today holders of the Order of St. Constantine the Great in Russia are such prominent people as Dmitry Likhachev, Yuri Luzhkov, Ilya Glazunov, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Oleg Efremov, Alexei Leonov, Yuri Lyubimov, Iosif Kobzon, Zurab Tsereteli, Alexander Lebed ...

His aim of the Russian branch of the Order, headed S.M.Vlasovym puts union worthy people of the Fatherland to help culture, enlightenment, help talents. The motto of the Order: ". Knight`s selfless spirit of Charity.".

The Order of St. Constantine has offices in 12 countries around the world, and everywhere it is not only the premium, but above all - the operating organization. The list of charitable programs of the Russian branch of the Order of such good deeds assistance museum Dionysius in Ferapontovo (Vologda region), the restoration of the cemetery of Russian sailors in Bizerte (Tunisia) and the establishment there of a monument to Russian sailors and the ships of the Russian Navy, having left under the flag of St. Andrew in 1920 from Crimea in North Africa, the construction of a church of St. Constantine and St. Helena in Moscow, to the Centre of musical antiquities in Novgorod and others.

For the program to Bizerte S.M.Vlasov awarded the Medal of Admiral N.Kuznetsova. For its more successful implementation edited S.M.Vlasova published a book of memories and evidence of "Prisoners of Bizerte" to shoot the film.

Sergei Vlasov - author of several books: "The impossible is possible" (Documentary novel, 1982); "Time to gather the fruits" (collection of essays and short stories, 1984); "Insight" (Documentary story of Svyatoslav Fyodorov, 1986, translated into 8 languages); "School of geniuses" (Essays on celebrities and phenomena, 1992); "Acts of Constantine the Great" (documentary story about the first Christian king, founder of Constantinople, 1999). He also wrote several plays, two of which were published and delivered at the theater: "Do not go: Paradise" and "The Angel on a broomstick."

In 1988 S.M.Vlasov was admitted to the Union of Soviet Writers. Its recommendations he gave Leonid Leonov and Julian Semenov. In 1994 he was elected a full member of the International Academy of Informatization.

With seven years S.M.Vlasov enjoys tennis. Play has started since the third grade, when peers perceive this game only with the irony. Books - their own and others - this hobby and passion. Favorite writers - Gogol, M.M.Bulgakov, Chekhov.

Lives and works in Moscow.