Sergey Prohanov

Picture of Sergey Prohanov

Date of Birth: 12/29/1952

Age: 63

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Luna Papa Sergei Prokhanov

Author: Catherine Romanenkova

Website: Celebrities

- The first question that arises in the walls of the theater, why such an unusual name?

- There is nothing unusual. There is also the "Theatre of the Mist" in Japan, "Theater Night" in Prague, "Theater of the Sun" in Paris: Why our theaters have to bear the name of a patriarch? The full name of "Studio Theatre realistic fiction" in our performances is required to present some kind of detachment: a flight of imagination, our subconscious. And it only happens at night in the moonlight.

- This theater is simply obliged to run the show mysticism. Mysterious events occur?

- When we were preparing the play "Tais shining" was a lot of different troubles. Everything is connected with the gods, and they do not like to joke with them. Anna Terekhova broken knee, and Andrei Sokolov flew from the stage into the auditorium, smashed the head, he was taken to the Institute Sklifosovsky

- It Sokolov, who is on fire does not burn and does not sink in the water:

- In this adventure is not over. Double altered the scenery, they are simply not in our doors crawls. But we do. In the end, all the difficulties once overcome, and our performance became a great success. Now we think of Bulgakov undertake.

- Do not fear the wrath of Woland?

- He told me had already given their consent, when pointed at this building.

- ???

- I then just had the idea of ??creating their own theater. Once I was walking near the Patriarch`s Ponds, he slipped in the mud and his own ass literally drove into the basement of an abandoned house. Four years we have tried to make it out of the theater, but the groundwater we persistently stoked until the problem not solved metrostroevtsy.

- Apparently you mysticism drags

- I would say, it is present in my life. I even shoot bylaideya television project "Misty-show": a subway train that rushes into the tunnel, and each station - mystical story or episode that took place in the theater or in the movies. My liked the idea, I was offered to do a weekly cycle, and this had to abandon their theater, and I refused.

- Romancing the TV did not take place?

- There was only a flirtation - three years ago, I led a Russian television program about domestic film "Know ours." I had hoped that the program will grow in the body of the almanac, I came up with a few columns, and the result was the usual primitive quiz with questions Tipo: "What ate Mironov in such a scene?". Time it takes a lot of work, so I suffer year and left. But in general, be a TV presenter I liked it, it`s mine, I love to talk, to communicate with people:

- We have heard that a movie with you, too, parted for ever?

- Cinema is dead. Earlier films for six months did not leave the rental, they looked at several times. It was enough to play in a successful tape, and you immediately become a star. Now, many good films are on the shelves, or offered for sale in the video. Good luck, if you buy a TV movie, then it will be seen as well: The last thing I played - the role of the speculator in the film "Genius", after which the new Russian began to consider me as his` brother. Once standing on the road in the "traffic jam", from the next two cars crawl bull, such simple, with pistols in their hands: "Come on, buddy, let`s drink." In general, when I realized that the movie is finished.

- With "baleen nyanem" probably more "get"?

- At one time, I went through the crowd groaning children: kids pulled me hand and their father and mother squeal with delight. I collected the whole stadiums for concerts: Now film is often repeated, so that the "Look mustachioed nannies gone" - in the next part of his hearing.

- Today, you only live theater?

- In principle, yes, but this is more than enough. Almost all the pieces that we put - my. I`m writing to my little site and just below those actors who will play.

- You have a lot of plays in the theater "stars": Singers, Sokolov, Lebanon, Terekhova, Kondulainen: This is a commercial misjudgment, to bet on the names?

- I do not deny that the popular names are important for the theater, but there is another reason: if the actor is popular, then it has already been selected from many others, it is much passed, he has something to say, and I, in turn, is confident that he will cope with the role.

- But to control such "personalities" is much more complicated.

- They also faced not with anyone anyhow. I stand over them and on occasion I repeat the words Bronevoi: "Do not forget, Stirlitz, I`m older than you in age and rank." I offer them interesting and challenging actor`s task is to make out a beautiful show: The other theaters - the boredom, so the actor asked me. We have every day - a full house, a sea of ??flowers, the men all caked with kisses, girls: And here with the girls - a bad deal. First, the actress receives a bouquet from an unknown, then the cell phone, then a jeep, and then comes in and asks to let her marry. Therefore, our actress, one in America and the other in Germany, third in England ...

- Do not theater, and marriage agency work. What about in your personal life?

- This year marks 25 years of my married life. His future wife Tatyana I found in the snow: When I was in the fourth year of the Shchukin School, my friends and I were resting at the former summer residence Pyreva. One morning out to collect firewood, see, sitting in the snow girl, Coca-Cola drink. One of them was my wife and a half years. It turned out that she is also the granddaughter of the two marshals Zhukov and Vasilevsky. This heredity it owes its patience and wisdom. Over the years, my goofy actor`s life, which just was not: fan and love to explain and threatened to throw acid

- What is she doing now?

- The wife of raising children. My daughter has grown, recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary, I work in a theater costume designer. As long as the work is not overloaded, but the future is in her hands.

= - She did not want to become an actress?

- Special thrust is not noticed. Besides now work ungrateful actress, cinema is in decline, but not last in the same theater, the same popularity again comes across the screen: Nastia beautiful, promising profession for her I am calm.

- The son still in school?

- Yes. Anton taught throughout noble: rides, is engaged in the piano, studying in a Spanish school, draws, some time went to karate: A man must feel himself strong. He is looking for himself.

- Such a big load! How old is he?

- It seems eleven: try to remember: I`m telling you, children wife is, to a certain age, when the need arises in my exposure - I connect. When the child grows up you need to help him find the general line of his life - is the most difficult. As for me, I want it to be written on my tombstone: "An actor, director, producer." It is important that the work which I started, I could play myself, orchestrate and provide resources so that no one could depend, that would not come to a strange guy and not covered everything that I was able to do.