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Date of Birth: 06/13/1958

Age: 58

Place of birth: Kiev

Citizenship: Russia

Sergei Makovetskii: A man who has chosen the right way

The Early Years

Sergey Makovetskii was born June 13, 1958 in Kiev. His father abandoned the family when Sergei was still young, so he took his mother`s surname. According to the actor, he spent much time in the village with his aunt, where nursed with their cousins. Maybe that`s why as a child Makovetskii wanted to become a doctor. He liked to help people.

Growing up, Sergei forgot about his dream of becoming a doctor. He was engaged in water polo, skating, playing the drums. Makovetskiy even wanted to attract the national team on the water floor, but at the last moment his mother dissuaded. Instead, he began to study theater. First, Sergei played without enthusiasm, but after a while he could not live without a scene.

With the theater Sergei Makovetskiy introduced an English teacher and a talented director Tatiana Solovkin. One day she suggested that Sergei Neschastlivtseva role in the play `Les` on product Ostrovsky, and he agreed. According Makovetskiy when he first came on the scene, it felt a wild fear. Only after he had forgotten about the audience, he was able to calm down.

From that moment Makovetskii `zabolel` theater. After high school, he wanted to go to Kyiv Institute. Karpenko-Kary, but it was not accepted. Then he went to conquer Moscow. However, in the capital, too, it was not sweet. On the first day Sergei stole 50 rubles, so he had to sleep on the streets and railway stations. Makovetsky failed to act in GITIS, but soon he was enrolled for a course in Kazan Alla School. Shchukin.

Start a career

In 1980, Sergei Makovetskii got a job in the Theatre. Vakhtangov. There he made his debut on stage in the production of `Vintage vodevili`. aspiring actor first appeared two years later on the screen in the movie `Take zhivym` (1982). This was followed by small roles in the films `The crew boevoy` (1983),` I - the son labor naroda` (1983).

On the film `I - the son labor naroda` Sergey met his future wife, Helen. She worked as an editor at the studio in Odessa and was the daughter of a general. Here is how it was. Somehow Elena stood in the hallway in the company Govorukhin and other directors. Someone said that married her no one will. Then Elena called out to a passing of the first guy and asked if he would marry her. It turned out to Sergei Makovetskii. He looked at Lena and said, `I`m getting married. On mayskie`.

His word Makovetskii kept. He began to take care of Lena, and soon they were married. According to the actor, married to Elena, he acquired not only a loving woman and devoted friend. In those difficult years for Sergey she often supports it. Thanks to her care Makovetskii believe in their own strength and was able to achieve success.

The first glimpses of fame began to appear in the late 80s, when the actor played a small role in the film `Life of Klim Samgina` (1987). Theatrical career also took off. Since 1990 Makovetskii began to play on the stage Viktyuk Theatre, where he gained great fame. His first role in a production of Shostakovich`s` Lessons masterstva` brought him great success. Then came roles in Rogatka` `` Polonaise Oginskiy`, `Love pridurkom`,` M. Batterflyay`.

World fame

In 1993, film director Vladimir Hotinenko Sergei Makovetsky offered the lead role in the film `Makarov`. The picture was a resounding success, winning many prizes at international festivals. Makovetskii, brilliantly played by the provincial poet Makarov, was awarded `Nika` film award, a prize at the festival` Kinoshok` and other awards.

The film `Makarov` Makovetskiy put on a par with the best Russian actors. Sergei was no longer a walk-through roles. Each of his new work, each image makes the viewer admire the talent and hard work of the actor. The most successful, according to critics, was Makovetskiy collaboration with director Alexei Balabanov. It began in 1998 with the film `Freaks and lyudey` - a landmark work in the career of the actor.

Sergei himself insisted to play the role of the owner of the studio Johann - sort of `evil geniya`. First Balabanov doubt that the actor will be able to get used to the image of a bad person, but when I saw him on the set, then changed his mind. As a result, Makovetskii played so naturally that caused consternation among many. It`s incredibly cold, piercing look very organically fit into the atmosphere of the film.

After the success of the film `Freaks and lyudey` Makovetskii became one of the favorite actors Balabanov. He played in two films directed by famous - `2` Brother (2000) and` Zhmurki` (2005). Quite often, the actor appeared in films Hotinenko. So, in 2004 came the film `72 metra` in which Sergey Chernenko played the role of a scientist. The picture, which tells about a submarine accident `Slavyanka`, came three years after the tragedy` Kurska` and caused a great resonance. The actor was again in the spotlight.

Hereby the apotheosis was the tragicomedy Jos Stelling `Dushka` (2007), which starred Makovetskii. The film, which can rightly be called an international project, gained immense popularity in the world and was nominated for `Oscar`. His brilliant play of the actor drew the world`s attention, proving that he can ensure the success of even foreign film. In 2012, Sergei starred in another film Stelling `Girl and smert`.

Today Sergey Makovetskii - one of the best actors of the post-Soviet space. He successfully removed both the Russian and foreign films. Now the actor is busy shooting in a large-scale film `don`t Pacific, due out in 2015. Despite the high status Makovetskii very simple man. If he is interested in the role he can play in the movie for free. For example, Sergey completely free of played a role in the short film `You and I, yes we toboy`.

According to the actor, every human life is in his hands. Only he can make her happy. To do this, not only to believe in themselves, but also to work hard. And it is very important to choose the right path. This is the destiny of man - to do something that will bring pleasure to you and to benefit others.

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

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