Sergey Kuzin-alexinskiy

Picture of Sergey Kuzin-alexinskiy

Date of Birth: 11/11/1955

Age: 50

Citizenship: Russia


In the past year there was such public policies aimed at improving the qualifications of teaching staff. It consisted in the fact that young, promising students were sent to the central universities of the country, for that would gain experience and knowledge from leading experts, after studying in graduate school and dissertation, they returned to their native FESU highly qualified specialists in our university would continue his teaching and research work. Many students and young professionals, mathematicians were sent to Leningrad (GG Durnov, RP Shepeleva, LP Solovyov, GK Pak, LE Khmeleva), Novosibirsk (VD Golovanov, AA Stepanova, A. Mitchenko V. Bochernikov), Krasnodar (VA Shlyk, VN Dubinin) and Voronezh (VB Osipov NN Frolov, Yu Klevchihin, A. Dmitriev and SA Kuzin-Alexinsky, S. Korkishko) State University. Many were sent to complete their education in the central universities, but not all protected and returned to their hearth and home. Students who came to western universities of the country, fell into a completely different learning environment. This is manifested in the difference between the programs, and to a much higher level of courses. However, the total of all the mathematical centers, where they were going, the most important and the most remarkable thing was that had the opportunity to attend lectures and interact with mathematicians from around the world. Sergey thought that his life time lucky: Vasily Borisovich Osipov, then Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics (1976), invited him to the dean`s office and offered to continue his studies at Voronezh State University. He studied at the fine, so naturally there were hopes for a successful study at Voronezh State University. In October 1976, breaking the train during the week Trans-Siberian Railway, SA Kuzin-Alexinsky reached via Moscow to Voronezh, and became a student of the Voronezh State University. Voronezh State University then entered the top five universities in the country, and its mathematical school of functional analysis, based outstanding mathematicians Mark Alexandrovich Krasnosel`skii, Selim Grigor`evich Krein and their students was not only advanced in our country, but also highly quoted abroad. At the request of SA-Alexinsky cousin, he was appointed to the chair of Functional Analysis (CFA) which was headed by a very famous mathematician Professor Paul Evseevich Sobolewski. He was a world-class results, and Tanabe-Sobolev method entered the textbooks.