Sergey Glazev

Picture of Sergey Glazev

Date of Birth: 01/01/1961

Age: 55

Place of birth: Zaporozhye

Citizenship: Russia

How to start

In his views, my companion was very close Glazyev, respect for government regulation and liberal Andrei Illarionov was referred to as the city`s crazy. But alcohol loosens tongues. Characteristics of the Future bloc leader "Homeland" was surprisingly accurate. Glazyev, finally broke through to power, having made a breakthrough in December, even more unexpected than Boris Gryzlov breakthrough with its "United Russia".

The only zavlab

Yet the current spurt can not be called an example of the sharp rise. In the last 10-12 years of career in Russia made a surprisingly fast. Suffice it to mention Yegor Gaidar sample 1991-92. or today`s Dmitry Medvedev. Against this background, the path is still quite young Sergei Glazyev was clearly thorny.

His great-grandfather was punched in the Yaroslavl province, and grandmother - still quite a young girl - barely escaped from the Bolsheviks, dekulakize family. This, however, did not prevent Glazyev actively cooperate with the Communists, still do not abandon the thesis of the creative role of Stalin`s collectivization. Indeed, except for the dead you have to pull a living?

Sergey was not easy to break through to the heights he has reached now. Glazyev was born on January 1, 1961 in Ukraine "Zaporizhstal" wizard in the family. I do not know whether the boy plagued shortstop popular in the 70s. pristebkoy: "What April Fool`s joke turns into a gift for the New Year?", but today`s eyes look man clearly, jokes do not understand. Life - is a serious thing, it should be a lot to get done.

In the late 70-ies. modest provincial arrived in the capital, entered the elite Moscow University and in 1983 graduated from the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University with honors. Three years it took to protect the master`s thesis. Three years - doctorate. Last result for economists of that time was unique. So the young doctor of economic sciences country is not yet known.

No matter how concerned we are to today`s political activities Glazyev, it must be admitted that his economic writings of those years have been head and shoulders above everything that was created by official science. However, this one for such a rapid career growth is clearly not enough, if Sergey has not converged very close to one of the most influential masters of economic science - Academician Dmitry Lvov. Not knowing their relations people said that the eyes - the right hand of the city. And people who know intellektualnyevozmozhnosti academician, refined: he is not the right hand of Lviv, it is his brain.

But, as pointed out at the time the genius of Russian literature, Viktor Chernomyrdin, you can not put two eggs in one basket. Putting "one egg" in the official basket of Soviet science, Glazyev "another egg" reserved for future generations of young reformers. Already in the mid 80s. he began to spin in circles, which later became known as Gaidar team.

Glazyev good catch, it is through the crowd, he soon nechinovnuyu protisnetsya up, rather than through standard academic "gates." And so it happened. The Gaidar government "zavlabov" he became the first Deputy Minister of Foreign Economic Relations, and after the resignation of Peter Aven - minister. It is interesting to note that not Gaidar, Chubais and not Aven, namely the eye (the only one) went to the government with the post zavlaba, which he held at the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of the USSR.

Years of searching

Taking all that is possible from Gaidar, Glazyev in the run-up to the events of October 1993 decided to put on another horse. In protest against the dissolution of parliament Glazyev resigned.

Subsequently, uttered many beautiful words about the inability to tolerate "Yeltsin`s tyranny," but in such high motives decisive action is hard to believe. Just a chance to Rutskoi Khasbulatov presented while more preferred. All they considered themselves Gaidar government suicide and were assured that sooner or later, they paved the way for the market, the angry crowd throw from the corridors of power. Glazyev did not want to leave these corridors.

But here it is the first time in my life miscalculated. Yeltsin won, and career development "young genius" has stalled. However, I must admit: eyes really never shared liberal, believing it necessary to state regulation of the economy. It is bringing it closer to Gaidar, rather, that they are both educated economists spoke one language that does not use magic spells from the vocabulary of the political economy of socialism. But the approaches to the real economy they have seen very differently.

In fairness, it should be noted also that Anatoly Chubais, too emotional to speak after October 1993 concerning the betrayal Glazyev, was hardly right. For the past since then 10 years, we have all learned to be expressed not in terms of "feat", "betrayal", etc., and using simple everyday concepts. Glazyev like power, money, success, in general, want that all the other people involved in politics and hiding behind the lofty words. And this exaggerated Ambitious young provincial at the turn of 80-90-ies. vigorously implemented plans, in which most of his colleagues and peers still embarrassed to admit even to themselves.

Once outside of big politics, his eyes began to search for his place in the ranks of the opposition. It was not emotional "exhaust" and not an ideological turn. At the turn of 1993-94. it became known that in Eastern European countries, society begins to turn away from the reformers who took responsibility for a radical change. To power began to return to former communists now configured to act for democracy. Against this backdrop, Alexander Rutskoi, who personified for some time the Russian Communist movement for democracy, seemed the perfect boss, able to promote young economist.

But Rutskoi after October 1993 was in prison, and his eyes moved on in search of allies. In December 1993, he went to the Duma on the list of the Democratic Party, led by then other "Communists for Democracy" - Nicholas Travkin. However, the lieutenant for Glazyev was too small, and in March 1994 he tried to create a movement "Consent in the name of Russia" together with all the same Rutskoi and the new "friends" - Zyuganov, Prokhanov, Seleznyov.

In parallel, he created and other structures, about which no one now remembers, but only with respect to the best product of the era was the KRO - "Congress of Russian Communities," in which an unknown then, Dmitry Rogozin, has managed, in addition to Glazyev, to involve the Jury Skokova and Alexander Cygnus.

Kremlin better than "Zaporizhstal"

In the parliamentary elections in 1995 the AOC failed. And after Yeltsin in 1996, turned out to be re-elected for a second term, further career Glazyev began to seem very problematic. For a while he still clung to the Swan, but the failure of the general career began at the same time the failure of his young protege.

The only thing that brightened the difficult 90th -. Glazyev became the youngest among economists corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences. But by today`s scientific growth - poor consolation. It demanded political success.

We had to move closer to the Communists. The logic was obvious. It seemed that after the failure of 1996, Zyuganov had to leave the stage. Uncle sic personified the old forces, the losers throughout Eastern Europe. Glazyev also represents that generation that our neighbors came to power, displacing the old. But, as in the ranks of the Communist Party firmed young talent is not there at all, our communists (unlike their Eastern friends) had to borrow from his Kwasniewski.

Glazyev proposed to "borrow" yourself, and for a while it seemed that his rates are rising rapidly. In 1999 he again went to the Duma, but after a while performed well in the election of the governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Now he could no longer be considered a "boy" from the second tier, but independent "husband." Soon, however, it took a new turn.

Called by the fact that Vladimir Putin took the "patriotic niche", leaving the Communists on the beans. On the eve of the 2003 parliamentary elections the communists openly decided to soak. At the same time the defensive tendency among communists themselves prevailed, and the change of generations and the middle East Europe has been postponed indefinitely. On the left flank for Glazyev space is left, and he proceeded to the next maneuver.

Kremlin quite reasonably decided to create kvazilevy flank in order to weaken Zyuganov. And an eye on his old partner KRO Rogozin decided 10 years after the events in October 1993 to work again to power. Instead, General Lebed took old Varennikova instead industrialist Skokova - banker Gerashchenko. And here he was deceased in a Bose KRO risen in the face of "Homeland."

Mistakes of the past are not repeated. The administrative resource was no longer against Glazyev-Rogozin, and on their side. And the miracle happened. Sergey, after years of wandering in the political parties and movements again made his way to the top. And not as a boy from the Government of suicide, but as an independent politician who has come to stay.

Of course, he - not a National Socialist, even though the SPS leaders, desperate to get into the Duma, awkwardly tried to declare Glazyev as such, in order to help themselves. It seems that he was not even a fanatic idea of ??redistribution of natural resource rents, although it bears the Economist carefully with 80s. The leader of the "Motherland" - the pragmatic generation superpragmatik from the current 40-year-olds Brezhnev stagnation.

He will do what prompts the moment. It will be necessary - lift up your favorite "homeland" to heaven. It will be necessary - to sell in the political bargaining is already sold "zavlabov government" and the communist opposition. Because "Okhotny Ryad" better "Zaporizhstal". The Kremlin even better than the "Okhotny Ryad".