Sergey Gaydukevich

Picture of Sergey Gaydukevich

Date of Birth: 09/08/1954

Age: 62

Place of birth: Minsk

Citizenship: Belarus


Sergey Gaydukevich was born in Minsk on September 8, 1954. In 1976 he graduated from the Minsk Higher Engineering anti-missile air defense school. From 1976 to 1991 he served in various command positions in the armed forces of the USSR, including the group of military experts in Iraq (in 1982-1983).

After retiring in 1991, he worked in the State Secretariat of Belarus. Within three years he was deputy chairman of the committee at the Council of Ministers on the social protection of employees of power structures and soldiers-internationalists. In parallel, from 1991 to 1994 he headed the Popular Movement of Belarus.

In 1995, the then little-known Gaydukevich led the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus. He actively participated in its creation, but initially held the post of chairman Vasily Krivenko. When Gaydukevich became leader of the party, in its ranks began the split - a number of regional organizations have been unhappy with the change of leadership LDPB. The split ended in 1996.

In 1997 Gaydukevich graduated from the Moscow Commercial Institute.

August 14, 2001 Gaydukevich was registered as a candidate for presidency of Belarus. In the presidential elections Gaydukevich scored 2.5 per cent of the vote, finished last. Then the politician congratulated Alexander Lukashenko on his victory.

October 17 2004goda Gaydukevich was elected to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly.

In summer 2005, he filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity to the editor of the independent newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Iosif Syaredzich. Gaydukevich claimed that the newspaper about it circulated false information. The article "Letter Haidukevich. Gaidukevich and faxes", in particular, stated that the Liberal Democrat leader allegedly owes one million dollars to the Iraqi Ministry of Energy Saddam Hussein era. The court found offensive and misleading information and ordered the newspaper to pay compensation in Gaidukevich 100 million Belarusian rubles (about 45,500 dollars) .In 2006 Gaydukevich again decided to run for president. February 17, 2006 it was registered as a candidate.

This time, he has positioned himself as a supporter of the incumbent Lukashenko, criticized opposition candidates - Alexander Kozulin and Alexander Milinkevich. Gaydukevich scored 3.5 percent of the vote and took third place. For him, in particular, he voted and President Lukashenko.

Sergey Gadukevich is married with two children. He is fond of music (he graduated from music school, bayan), poetry (he wrote poems), literature, fishing, hunting. He was awarded the Order "For Service to the Motherland" III degree.