Sergey Bernstein

Picture of Sergey Bernstein

Date of Birth: 05/03/1880

Age: 88

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: Ukraine


His thesis in 1904 was devoted to the solution of Hilbert`s 19th problem. They found the conditions of analyticity of solutions of second-order equations of elliptic and parabolic type; developed new methods for solving boundary value problems for nonlinear elliptic equations; Together with his students created a new branch teoriifunktsy - constructive theory of functions. In the proof of the Weierstrass approximation theorem Bernstein polynomials were constructed, proved useful in many different areas of mathematics. Now they are called Bernstein polynomials.

In the theory of probability Bernstein offered the first (1917) axiomatic; continued and completed in a certain sense, the study of the St. Petersburg school of Chebyshev - Markov on limit theorems; developed a theory of weakly dependent random variables; We studied stochastic differential equations and identifies a number of applications of probabilistic methods in physics, statistics and biology.

Titles and awards USSR Academy of Sciences Academician (1929; 1924 chl.korr.)

Member of the German Association of Mathematicians (1926)

Member of the French Mathematical Society (1944)

Honorary Doctor of the University of Algiers (1944)

Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Paris (1945)

Academician of the Paris Academy of Sciences (1955; 1928 chl.korr.);

Stalin Prize (1942).