Sergey Berezhnoy

Picture of Sergey Berezhnoy

Date of birth: 16.12.1966

Age: 49

Place of birth: Sevastopol

Citizenship: Russia


Sergey V. Berezhnaya (b. 16.12.1966). He was born in Sevastopol. From 1984 to 1989 he studied at the Sevastopol instrument-making institute on a specialty "electronic computers". Since 1984 he was in Sevastopol KLF "Stalker" KSP "Akhtiar" STEM and SPI. As an actor Stam participated in eight productions; I went to the theater on STEM Festival in Minsk in 1989 with the play "Tales of H-tion of the forest" - a play on the festival took first place. From the Institute left on their own in 1988, he has worked as a laboratory assistant at the department. In the same 1988 organized together with Andrei Chertkov KLF "Atlantis"; since the beginning of 1989 he worked as its chairman. He participated in the creation and publication of fanzine "OVERSAH" (1988-89, rev. Andrei Chertkov, Sevastopol). In 1989 he began the publication Newsletter "OVERSAH-IHFORM", in 1990 - fanzine "FEHZOR". He was a member of editorial boards of fanzine "ABS PAHORAMA" (1989, ed., Vadim Kazakov, Saratov), ??"SISYPHUS" (1990-91, ed. Andrew Nikolay Leningrad), the magazine "IHTERKOM" (1991-94, rev. Andrei Chertkov, St. Petersburg). Edited professional fiction anthology "ZET" (1992, Dnepropetrovsk, Sevastopol - released only one number). In the 1993-94 year - Universal employee of the weekly "Sevastopol newspaper" (a reporter, columnist, political commentator, technical editor).

In 1994 he moved to St. Petersburg. He worked as an editor at the publishing house "Terra Fantastica", a literary representative of a number of Russian science fiction writers. Together with Andrei Hikolaevym produced fanzines "OBERHAM" (1991; 1994) and "two hundred" (1994-1996). Since the founding of online store "Ozone" I worked in this project - the first editor of the book department, and then as Director of Development. In February 2001, he left the project, together with all the information edited and moved to the St. Petersburg company "Internet Projects".

Author of a number of critical, journalistic and analytical papers published in the journals "Locus", "Neva", "When", "The world of Internet", the newspaper "Book Review", preface and afterword to the books of modern Russian writers. Also published under the pseudonym A. Berest (translations of foreign fiction), P. Verluhin, Kostylin A., G. gripping, Panshin Sergei, Andrei locomotive, Privalov, M. Stendhal Sergey Strelets and A. S. Bernik and M. Schukorakov (last two - together with Andrei Nikolayev).

During the period of activity in the FIDO created ekhokonferentsii RU.SF.NEWS and PVT.NIICHAVO, at the same time to launch the project "Library of Camelot" (file collection of domestic fiction) and "Courier SF".

The winner of the prize of Fiction, 1990 as editor of the newsletter "OVERSAH-IHFORM". Winner (together with Andrei Chertkov) Prize SOTsKOHa-89 for his contribution to the development and creation of fanzine fandom "OVERSAH".

Member of the workshop Boris Strugatsky. A member of the jury, "ABS-Prize" (The national literary prize in the fiction of A. and B. Strugatsky).

Since 1989, married, wife`s name is Natasha. Since 1993 - Dad, daughter name is Nastya.

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