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Year of birth: 1986

Age: 29 years

Place of Birth: Westfield, Massachusetts, USA

Citizenship: United States


Along with other teams, such as `Pavement` and` Guided by Voices`, `Sebadoh` helped the development direction of lo-fi, indie rock style, which is characterized by low quality audio recording, it is often limited by the ability to record four tracks.

`Sebadoh` Group was founded in 1986 in Westfield, Massachusetts (Westfield, Massachusetts),Eric Gaffney (Eric Gaffney) and bassist Lou Barlow (Lou Barlow). Along with other teams, such as `Pavement` and` Guided by Voices`, `Sebadoh` helped the development direction of lo-fi, indie rock style, which is characterized by low quality audio recording, often limits the ability to record four tracks. Lou Barlow was the bass guitarist in the alternative rock band `Dinosaur Jr` in the late 1980s. While Barlow and band leader Jay Maskis (J Mascis) both wrote songs, materials Maskisa still prevailed, and gradually Barlow most of their records began to make at home.

In 1987-m Gaffney and Barlow released cassette titled `Weed Forestin` on the label` Homestead Records`, calling their group the strange name `Sebadoh`. It is this strange word muttered Barlow during recording. In 1988, Barlow and Gaffney recorded their debut full- cassette album `The Freed Man`.When the head of the label `Homestead Records` Khosla Gerard (Gerard Cosloy) listened to the tape, he decided to launch` The Freed Man` on sale in 1989.

Shortly thereafter, Barlow was kicked out of the group `Dinosaur Jr`. In this regard, Lu said, `I was was poured out a stream of hatred, when I wrote these pesni`.Jason Loewenstein (Jason Loewenstein) to sit down to a group of `Sebadoh` summer of 1989, playing for the team Verviers release, the single` Gimme Indie Rock`, in 1991. In the period from 1989 to 1990, the first group gave a total of ten concerts throughout western Massachusetts (Western Massachusetts), Boston (Boston) and New York (New York),before she released her third album, `Sebadoh III`.

After a joint tour with alternative rock group `fIREHOSE` in 1991, the participants` Sebadoh` signed a contract with the label `Sub Pop` (` Domino Records`) in 1992. First, they released their EP `Rocking the Forest`, and two months later - another mini - album,` Sebadoh vs. Helmet`.On the Compilation American release `Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock` was represented by four of the eight songs from the album ` Rocking the Foret` and eight of the nine songs from the EP `Sebadoh vs. Helmet`. `Sebadoh` fourth album entitled ` Bubble and Scrape` was presented in April 1993.

After the release of the 4th album Gaffney left the band. He was replaced by Bob Fay (Bob Fay), participating in the recording of the fifth album `Bakesale` 1994 and the subsequent` Harmacy` 1996. Even before the session work on the album `The Sebadoh` 1999 Fay asked from the group and was replaced by one Loewenstein, Russ Pollard (Russ Pollard) from Louisville (Louisville).After a tour in support of the album, the band took a break, and Barlow focused on his other project called `Folk Implosion`, Loewenstein and set to work on materialWe for his debut solo album,` At Sixes and Sevens`, published in 2002.

Jason and Lou were reunited to the end of 2003 and early 2004 -first performed at the concert. In March 2007 ,a group `Sebadoh` in classical composition - with Barlow and Gaffney Loewenstein - the first time in 14 years, recovered on tour. This coincided with the re-release of several albums earlier group an additional CD, where unreleased tracks were collected. First, from tape to disk migrated album `Sebadoh III`,then `The Freed Man` and` Bubble and Scrape`.

Reunion tour group continued in 2008, and for 2011 `Sebadoh` plans to reissue albums` Bakesale` and `Harmacy` and go on tour in support of

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