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Year of birth : 1941

Age : 74 year

Place of birth : Auckland,California, New Zealand

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Steven Gene Uolda

Original name: Steven Gene Wold

Classic blues into the 21st century

Username famous American bluesman Steven Gene Wold (Steven Gene Wold), who became famous thanks to the traditional blues sound ,unusual musical instruments and irrepressible passion for travel. Despite the fact that release albums Steve started not so long ago, he has become something of a legend, which operate most famous musicians, and tickets to his concerts sold out at an incredible rate. As a child, the same Steve even could not think that when-it will not only known, but also rich.

He was born in 1941, in Oakland, California (Oakland, California), his father was playing boogie - woogie on the piano, but to teach the boy was not able to, and after his death, Steve learned to play the guitar under the guidance of a fairly well-known bluesman Kay Douglas -Cu (KC Douglas),who worked in the garage of his grandfather. His mother soon remarried, and the new stepfather beat Steve on a daily basis, so that in 13 years he ran away from home in search of a better life.

From this moment and Steve journey began : that alone, in the company of adult men, he traveled in freight cars from state to state ,I am hoping to find a temporary job and earn money for the first time. Life gives him a variety of adventures, and being quite a child, he could do very different jobs : grazing, ride a horse and carry out any work on the house. Often sleeping under the open sky on the road ,Steve suddenly find themselves once again picked up the guitar and started to play the blues. He soon made friends with other American musicians, among whom was Janis Joplin (Janis Joplin), Joni Mitchell (Joni Mitchell) and many others, and took a job in a recording studio, where he worked until the end of 1980.

Constantly moving from one place to another ,Steve met with the most famous musicians of America, worked with small independent LEBL and helped with the sound setting at concerts and festivals. For example, it says that Steve was a friend of Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain), but in a recent interview, he admitted that he only saw him a few times and tossed a couple of words ,but about any friendship out of the question.

After moving to Europe, Steve lived for some time in Paris (Paris), earning a living as a street musician, often playing in the subway. In 2001, he moved to Norway (Norway), which released its first album with songs composed throughout his life.The album, entitled `Cheap` was recorded together with the team ` The Level Devils`. His debut solnyylbom `Dog House Music` was released in 2006, shortly before his friend told radio host Steve in the program ` Ballin` The Jack`. This was his first step to the world popularity.For the first time, Steve has appeared on English television at the end of 2006 as part of the show `Annual Hootenanny`, in the air, he performed his most famous song ` Dog House Boogie`. The next day, Steve woke favorite of the whole of England. In just a few months, he appeared on all UK music festivals ,acting together with the most famous British musicians. In 2007, the magazine `Mojo` awarded the prize of the musician ` Best Breakthrough

Act` for the best performance, which brought popularity.

Its world debut album with a great name `I Started Out With Nothin and i Still Got Most of it Left` released in September 2009-year and in the first few weeks received the highest critical acclaim, which saw Steve in the present custodian of American blues 20th century traditions.

Each live performance by Steve - it`s a real spectacle with music, vivid stories of early life, sparkling jokes and a couple of swear words, said in the most right now.No less interesting are the musical instruments Steve : three-stringed guitar, bought for $ 75 ; Guitar made of them by the koobki for cigars and a small hollow box, in which Steve knocks foot, beating a rhythm.

Steve was married twice, he now lives with his wife, Elizabeth (Elisabeth). In marriage, they had three sons ,are now helping to Steve on stage and in the studio. Even now, Steve can not sit in one place : with the family, they often move from Norway to England, and, according to his wife during the marriage they moved 59 times. When asked about his nickname Steve responds laconically ,but his friends have already blabbed reporters about the trip by ship from Denmark to Norway, during which time it turned out that Steve did not tolerate seasickness

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