Sean Vincent Gillis

Picture of Sean Vincent Gillis

Age: 52

Place of birth: Louisiana

Citizenship: United States


Sean Vincent Gillis (Sean Vincent Gillis) was born in 1963 in southern Louisiana (southern Louisiana), in a family of Norman and Yvonne Gillis (Norman and Yvonne Gillis). Of his early life little is known, however, there is evidence of mother of Sean, which sounded even after her son was proclaimed serial killer. Thus, it is revealed that Sean was a wonderful, happy baby, well get along with friends, and a good student at all, he was in all respects` normalnym`. Mother even added: `I called him my little blue-eyed angel. This man I loved most in this mire`.

However, `angel` grew up and turned into an increasingly akin to being an angel. So, the first, still slight friction with the law arose from Sean at the age of 17 years - but nothing yet no signs that it will soon grow out of a cruel and ruthless killer. Later, he repeatedly drew for possession of marijuana, driving violations and contempt of court.

The first murder took place in 1994. The first victim was 81-year-old Brian Anne (Ann Bryan), on the body which, in addition to the cut throat, found 50 stab wounds. Later Gillis told that at first he was going to rape a old lady, but she began to shout that he had to kill her.

In May 1999, Sean began to pursue the woman who ran in the area of ??Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge). He watched her for a few weeks, and on 30 May dealt a blow. The victim was 52-year-old Hardy Schmidt (Hardee Schmidt), whose body was found a few days later.

Later, Gillis said he first knocked the woman his car, pitting it in a ditch. Then the offender dragged a woman into the car, drove to a secluded place and raped her. After he killed her, and drove the naked body in the trunk of his car, a white `Chevy Cavalier` 2003 release, two days, and then threw it away.

By the way, later it turned out that in the same 1999 he killed another, and Katherine Anne Hall (Katherine Ann Hall).

In general, for 10 years, Sean has killed at least 8 women in Louisiana, he was arrested only 29 April 2004.

By the time he was responsible for the murder of 39-year-old Joyce Williams (Joyce Williams) in 1999; 52-year-old Lillian Robinson (Lillian Robinson) in 2000; 38-year-old Marilyn Nevils (Marilyn Nevils) in the same year 2000.

After 2000, Gillis never said a few years itself, and once it became a victim of the 2003 45-year-old Johnnie Mae Williams (Johnnie Mae Williams). The last woman killed Gillis began in 2004. The 43-year-old Donna Bennett Johnston (Donna Bennett Johnston). By the way, Gillis also pretty poor mock corpse of Donna, cutting off her breasts, and mocking the body.

By the way, after the arrest, which, as mentioned above, in April 2004, in the home of Sean during the search was found a whole collection of photos of the digital format, which depicted many of his victims, including the last one.

It is noteworthy that catch Gillis has been hampered due to the fact that at some point his atrocities crossed to wield the same Louisiana another killer by the name of Derrick Todd Lee (Derrick Todd Lee), which is somewhat confused consequence. By the way, at the same time, when they searched the house, he found a fairly extensive collection of evidence of acts of its `kollegi` whose atrocities Sean efficiently, accurately and, apparently, jealously tracking.

Later in his testimony, Gillis spoke very squeamish about their victims, many of whom were drug addicts or prostitutes. He even imagined himself as a kind of `orderly obschestva` designed to eliminate unnecessary in normal human society.

July 21, 2008 Sean Vincent Gillis appeared in court on three crimes - murder for proven Katherine Hall, Johnnie Mae Williams and Donna Bennett Johnston. Over time, the offender began to be recognized further, and to date he has responsible for 7 of 8 murders.

Sentence Sean Vincent Gillis was life imprisonment, despite the numerous examination of his mental state, which determined its partial insanity.