Scarlet Ortiz

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Date of birth: 12.03.1974

Age: 42

Birthplace: Caracas

Citizenship: Venezuela

Scarlet Ortiz

Scarlet Ortiz was born March 12, 1974 in Caracas (Venezuela). We have two sisters Scarlet (Scarlet Alejandra and Yocasta) and three brothers (Rubrik, Francisco Ernesto and Francisco Jose`). Parent Scarlet taught to respect themselves and others, to appreciate not only material things but also feelings, words, help.

Primary and secondary education she received at Colegio Inmaculada Concepcio`n. At age 18, she enters the Universidad Central de Venezuela in the Department of Psychology, but to finish her education was not meant to, because of the participation in the contest Miss Venezuela. She handed over the 14 levels of English for CVA, while studying at the Institute of Nuevas Profesiones (INP- new trades) on the Department of Publicity and Management. But his education again she did not finish, this time because of work on the program Nubeluz (Nubelus).

Though Scarlett did not receive any any specialty, it does not consider that learning only lost time "to become someone in life does not necessarily mean a profession, it is also an opportunity to fulfill their dreams, be pleased with himself and his position. That means becoming someone . " With this understanding of the life of Scarlett fights for her happiness with her ideals imposed at the same time respecting their values ??and family.

Career actress Scarlett began when she worked on Nubeluz, she helped her friend Randy (Randy Pin ~ ango) who at the time worked for the independent company Marte TV. Randy tries to convince Scarlett to the casting which will choose the girl for the lead role in the TV series Llovizna (Drizzle), but neither of which he can not Scarlett has not yet decided to become an actress. By the time she was nine months was engaged in acting, choreography, school theater Luz Columba, along with the teacher Nelson Ortega (Nelson Ortega) .But eventually persuaded Scarlet and she went to audition, besides the crisis came in Nubeluz. "In one week, I left Nubeluz, exchange listened chosen, I signed a contract, the next day I was in Cuidad Boli`var and starred in the series" with Luiz (Luis Ferna`ndez) Llovizna "" (1997).

In 1998, Scarlett joins the glorious team of channel RCTV. She plays the role of Federica Jordan in the TV series "Ni & ntilde; a Mimada". (Spoiled child) (together with Marcelo Sesane (Marcelo Cezano) and Eilen Abad (or Eileen Ebed) (Eileen Abad) In 1999, Scarlett starred in the title role in the TV series "Luisa Fernanda "(Luisa Fernanda), together with Guillermo (Guillermo Pe`rez). The last of its series" Mis 3 hermanas "(My three sisters), where she plays the lead role along with the Alamo Ricardo (Ricardo Ala`mo).

In his work, Scarlett learned and amounted to actresses such as the Caridad Canelo`n, Alba Roversi and Beatriz Valdez. C Caridad she worked in "Llovianza", it was not just a fulfillment of her dreams but also the opportunity to learn from this actress. At Alba Scarlett borrowed sincerity, confidence and professionalism during the filming of the series "Ni & ntilde; a Mimada". With Beatrice they share not only a professional relationship and a strong friendship. "From each series makes every little piece (in the professional sense, -pp), and it is difficult to identify a single person."

Scarlett does not love to talk about their personal lives. Nevertheless, it became known that his heart belongs to the Scarlet young actor whose name is very strange Yul / yUl Burkle (Yul Burkle), yet they are not going to get married. Scarlet breaks all the talk on this theme saying that if she was destined to marry and have many children that is fine if there is something she does not want to rush things.

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