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Year of birth : 2002

Age: 13 years

Birthplace : Brooklyn, NewNew York, USA

Citizenship : United States

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`Say Hi` - a popular American indie rock band formed in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York). The original name of the group was `Say Hi to Your Mom`, but over time its founder and sole participant Eric Elbogen (Eric Elbogen) left only the first part of the name.

` Every creature has its tvortsa` - is guided by this motto, Eric, creating a group soon after moving to New York. According to the musician, it `s just easier to be with a group consisting only of himself : no one points out errors, no one makes its own adjustments, and the love of the fans, the number of which is growing every day ,he gets only one. Alone at his home studio, Eric recorded seven full-length albums, each on their own writing instrument. But on live performances and touring, he still invites his friends, while he plays bass guitar and sings.

Eric Elbogen was born in the San Fernando Valley ,State Califon (San Fernando Valley,

California). Interested in music, he began as a child, and the parents, seeing it, gave him his first guitar and found a music teacher. Alas, the lessons did not last long : the great surprise the boy learned that from the musician is required not only to play the guitar and write songs ,but know no one needs theory and ` classic proizvedeniya`. Waving to the teacher and the theory of hand, Eric found himself his own teachers - plate `Guns N Roses`,` Motley Crue` and `U2`. Honing complicated techniques, too, he was not interested, instead coming up with their own methods, which were given to him much easier.In a recent interview with the musician also admitted that the creation of their own music creativity egvdohnovilo `Radiohead` and ` U2`.

After graduating from the University of California in Los Angeles (University of California, Los Angeles), where he studied English language and literature, Eric moved to New York ,which was the seventh tenant in a small apartment in Brooklyn. It is in these conditions and were born the first songs of the group `Say Hi to Your Mom`.

` At first, I tried unsuccessfully to find a parking lot for two hours, - says Elbogen, - and then, leaving the van in the street, went to record muzyku`. The first studio album - `Discosadness` -It was released in the year 2002 and distributed through a network of independent music stores. All 10 songs from the album were recorded at home by Eric on samodlnom equipment, which he designed and set up as its own.

In 2004, the year to the delight of the growing army of fans, among which were music critics ,spellbound creativity of young musicians, was released second album - `Numbers & Mumbles`. The album received positive reviews, and the composition `Let`s Talk About Spaceships` still remains one of the most popular songs.

The central theme of the fourth studio album released by a musician in 2006, the year, - `Impeccable Blahs` -become vampires who have always attracted Erica. Some songs from the album were dedicated to the heroes of the well-known story and vampire drama, other songs were just a fantasy author. It `Impeccable Blahs` was the last album recorded under the name ` Say Hi to Your Mom`. The album also marked a turning point in the career of a musician ,as the subject and the texts subsequent plates pained from the grip more real and approaching life.

In 2007, Eric, along with all the equipment moved to Seattle, Washington (Seattle, Washington). The first album, recorded on the west coast, became `The Wishes and the Glitch`, appeared in music stores at the beginning of 2008. The album introduced fans of the musician changed somewhat sound, however, the whole disc does not fall out of the previously designated style group.

The next album - `Oohs & Aahs` - was recorded with the support of an independent label from Seattle muykalnogo ,` Barsuk Records`. Shortly after the release of the album the musician presented a video for the song `One, Two... One`.

In 2011, the year the official website of the group there was news about the exit of the seventh studio album, `Um, Uh Oh`, which has been available for purchase in music stores and for download from the popular iTunes service.

In addition to music, Eric likes to read books and play your friends and fans. Thus, in 2006-the year the site appeared shocking news that the Norwegian rock band filed for a musician to the court for copyright infringement. Only after a month of unrest fans learned that the musician invented the story, and all the Norwegian group reported that on his part he is not in danger.

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