Samuil Buachidze

Picture of Samuil Buachidze

Date of Birth: 06/05/1882

Age: 36

Place of birth: Kutaisi province

Citizenship: Russia


The Revolution of 1905-1907 organizer of the fighting squads in the Caucasus, clandestine printing plants in the North Caucasus. In 1907 he was arrested in Moscow; sentenced to 4 years in prison and a perpetual exile in Yakutia. In 1911 he fled, led the roar. work in Georgia. He was sentenced in absentia by a military court Caucasus to death. In 1912 he emigrated. From 1914 he worked in the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party-tesnyakov, in 1915 expelled from Bulgaria. In Geneva, was the chairman of the Committee help political emigrants, led the work of the Bolshevik RSDLP groups, collaborated with the Left to-St. Switzerland.

After the February Revolution of 1917 and the departure of VI Lenin in Russia on his behalf organized the sending of group 2 grew. political refugees. Since the end of April - in Petrograd, sent to the Central Committee of the RSDLP (b) in the North Caucasus in May. Together with the SM Kirov et al. Created a Bolshevik org-tion. In mnogonats conditions. North population. Caucasus led work to overcome nat. hatred and solidarity of the working people of different nationalities in the struggle for the roar. conversion. In September, he was elected deputy and member of the Presidium of the Council of RSD Vladikavkaz, has been nominated candidate. in tsp. Inaugural. Coll. the Bolsheviks (in Terek-Dagestan izbirat. district), vowel Vladikavkaz. Gore. Duma.

With Ser. October. prev. Vladikavkaz. to-ta RSDLP (b). On the night of October 26, after receiving the news of the victory of armament. uprising in Petrograd, an emergency meeting of Vladikavkaz. RSD of the Council on the proposal Buachidze adopted a resolution in a swarm welcomed roar-tion and declared its recognition of the Soviet power. Prospect Island. Given the popularity of North Buachidze among mountaineers. Caucasus, in November the government Gorskoe AM Chermoev offered him the post of Minister of Labour, on-cerned Buachidze refused. 30 December to order the Terek-Dagestan government (created on December 1st.) was arrested along with the others. RSD Vladikavkaz Soviet Presidium members officers of the so-called Wild Division; January 1. 1918 Buachidze et al. Were repulsed at the convoy group members org-tion "Kerman" and railroad workers workshops. He participated in the creation of an international inter-party bureau to combat counter-revolution and to prevent inter-ethnic war in the Terek.

From Vladikavkavkazskogo RSD Affairs Council. 1st region. Congress of the Peoples of the Terek (January. 1918). On the eve of the congress was to create a "social bloc." (Tactful union delegates -. Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Social Revolutionaries and kermenistov), ??entered the Council of "block". At the opening of the Congress (25 January., Mozdok) on behalf of the "soc. Unit" I am saying that those people, to- do not go at the moment with the Russian. democracy will perish that nek- mountain peoples are influenced by the same provocateurs, to- previously defrauded the Cossacks and Russian. farmers (see .: "Congress of the Peoples of the Terek", vol. 1, Ordzhonikidze, 1977, p. 31). At a closed session of the Congress (January 26th.) Said on behalf of the "soc. Unit" sharp protest against the attempts of the commander of armament. Mozdok Military forces roar. Council regiment. Rymar send Cossack troops in Chechnya and Ingushetia. The Congress called for a peaceful settlement of interethnic. conflicts with the labor union of the Cossacks with labor mountaineers. January 31. Buachidze made a report "On the org-tion of power" in a rum called for the unification of all the peoples of the North. The Caucasus and the creation of a single perform, region. authority (see ibid., pp. 48-49). Elected member of. The Terek region. Nar. Council and appointed before. College in the department org-tion and public safety and roar. order. Due to the threat of counter-revolutionary speeches. Feb 2 officers. Terek Nar. Council moved to Pyatigorsk, where he was to meet the 2nd Region. Terek Peoples Congress.

At the opening of the 2nd Congress (February 16., Pyatigorsk) Buachidze stressed that at the 1st Congress of the "we, the representatives of the working population, have achieved unity, we are convinced that the working people of the entire region covered by the fire, pulled each other fraternal . hands was clear "that the resolution of all urgent problems - the land, the labor question, the national, and others-can be achieved only through peaceful means, through unity of the peoples themselves ... Labour Russian population is not isolated, the roar. traffic lights everywhere, in all countries, and working people of all the nations to us ... "(ibid, pp. 69-70). He actively participated in the work of the Congress formed section on th. issue. Speaking about the recognition of the power of the RSFSR SNK, he said the main thing is not in the formal recognition of the power of People`s Commissars, "... it is important, as you`ll actually defend their interests, the interests of workers, peasants and working Cossacks and mountaineers ..." (ibid, p. 179). during the Congress Terek Nar. The Council continued to prepare for the overthrow of the Terek-Dagestan pravitelva Vladikavkaz, concentrating this business in the hands of Buachidze. it was decided the 2nd Congress of the peoples of the Terek pereehatvo Vladikavkaz and force the Terek-Dagestan pr-in to the self-dissolution. March 6th Congress moved to Vladikavkaz ; moving the security and accommodation of delegates in the city provided Buachidze March 5 Buachidze was elected before the Council...

Along with the org-tion the implementation of the decree SNK Terek owls. Republic (the abolition of private ownership of land, forest and mineral resources, the transfer of control of the factory committees and organs of the Soviet. power prom. pr a bearing, oil. handicrafts, etc.) Buachidze spent preparing for the convening of the 3rd Congress of the Peoples of the Terek. To resolve interethnic often arise. Conflict traveled to Chechnya, Ingushetia, Kabarda, in the Cossack villages. In Apr. 1918 directed the suppression of the rebellion, led by the former. beg. Pyatigorsk voen.-roar. Staff Nizhevyasovym.

At the 3rd Congress of the Peoples of the Terek (May 22-29, the Terrible) in the National Council on the activities of the report emphasized that the North. Caucasus threatened invasion of Turkish and German interventionists, called Terek peoples to defend their lands, to protect the Russian workers and peasants (see ibid., Pp. 269-72). May 28 in the extraordinary statement raised the question of confidence in the Nar. Council at the time of grave danger for the region. Congress expressed confidence in Terek Nar. Council and elected its new composition: Buachidze was re-elected before. Nar. Council. Bas. attention is paid after the Congress the organization units Cr. Army has arisen due to the danger of war, attracting its ranks of military experts, anti-White Cossacks. At a rally in the barracks of the 2nd Battalion of the Terek prepared Cossack officers killed by shots from the crowd.