Samantha Morton

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Date of birth: 13.05.1977

Age: 39

Place of birth: Nottingham

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Samantha Morton: "My game is existing under the laws of chemical reaction"

Author: Nellie Holmes

Website: Celebrities

- Your role silent Irish emigrant in Jim Sheridan`s something akin to your role in the "sweet but ugly" - where you played dumb. Directed love you for brevity?

- The story behind the film is autobiographical. I play the wife of director prototype. He said he chose me because in me there is something of a bad girl ... it was important for this moment - the only thing he asked his wife, was: "Please do not make me holy ..."

- You become known, recently received a second nomination for "Oscar". Proposals becoming more? How do you choose roles?

- I`ve always had a lot of offers. Now, however, I have to be careful in the choice of roles - there is a big risk of losing themselves. I became an actress not because of money, fame, success. I was eleven years old when I started my career, I have thirty films behind. And all these years, my most severe critic was myself. But life does not consist of a single work. We must be able to find the time to live. When you select a role, it is important to me, who is working on this film - not only the director, but the whole crew. After all, the film - it is a collective art. Frankly, I`m a bad actress. My game exists under the laws of chemical reaction. If other elements of the picture are chosen correctly, I join with them in the correct interaction.

- How difficult is it to achieve credibility in intimate scenes - such as those that were with you, "Code 46" by Michael Winterbottom or in the same film "In America"?

- Very easy. Look, I also get paid for it! In the morning I go to the set, concentrating on the desired scene for her is another. I do not torment myself wondering how to play the role of poubeditelnee. I play. It`s very simple. I do not say that lightly, I take my job, but many see the actor`s work in some mystical light. People put their idols on a pedestal, itself erected them to the rank of stars. In the States, the actors took the place of the royal family. They pay millions for that they are taken into nonsense. I do not want to be part of this psychosis.

- So you live in London?

- Yes, although much of the British Government`s policy I frankly do not like. First of all, the attitude to immigrants, to the representatives of other nationalities. In England, there is a class system to this day. Meanwhile, an increasing number of crimes, child prostitution, pedophilia. And people continue to live quietly, closing their eyes, every day, eat your breakfast and drink tea. I am ashamed to be a British citizen, but I hope that the situation will soon change for the better. If you focus only on the negative, you can quickly become embittered. So I try to notice the good things.

- You can fall in love at first sight?

- Yes.

- It has happened with you?

- Yes Yes. But he threw me right in front of the church. Now I`m alone, but it suits me. It`s hard to find someone, because I`m too picky. I have a daughter. She was three and a half years. Childbirth has changed me very much. I became more confident. Sometimes I take her to the shooting, but it has its own life a little man, and I do not want to pull it from the schedule, to which she was accustomed. Thank God, my next two films will be shot in London.

- After the "Minority Report" in almost all your films you or shaved bald or shorn short. The film "In America" ??was no exception ...

- Do not worry, the hair grow back quickly.

- You choose your clothes yourself?

- Yes. I do not have a stylist or someone like that. There is not and never was. I always did, I do and I will do what I think is necessary. I do not need help in choosing clothes. In the end, it`s not, what you wear, what you feel inside.

- Who would you like to play?

- I`m almost 27, I - a mother, so I want to play ... a woman.

- How do you see yourself in five years?

- A lot of children. Husband. I hope I will stay the same as now. I will work with directors from different countries to travel to film festivals ... and with long-predlinnymi hair!