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Age: 42

Citizenship: Canada

Most media Samurai

Author: Eugene Tantsurina

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Ryan Hayashi was born in 1973 in Canada (Canada). His parents moved to Canada from Japan (Japan), but has a son in their culture traditions, their own teaching him Japanese language and rich culture of his second homeland. From 9 years old boy became interested in martial arts, and this hobby became his main hobby, and later also a source of income. First, under the guidance of his father Hayashi studied karate, and then, being in high school, worked together with other students in gyms.

In 1992, he enrolled at Carleton University in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa (Ottawa, Canada). Interestingly, in the university Ryan maximum distanced himself from his passion in martial arts and began to study foreign languages, not yet knowing that later, when his show with a samurai sword will get popularity in North America and will conquer Europe, this knowledge will be extremely useful.

In 1998, the year Ryan Hayashi moved to Tokyo, Japan (Tokyo, Japan), where he spent two years, combining work with studying English teacher at the school of karate at the Japan Karate Association (Japan Karate Association). Two years later, Hayashi moved to Germany (Germany), where he began work lecturer at the University of Mannheim (University of Mannheim), as well as to continue their training.

Since 1999, Ryan has been performing with a samurai sword, combining its entertainment and show loyalty to the traditions of Japanese masters. Its first performance took place in the framework of the TV show `Dash Dash` in Japan, and soon on the wave of success, he began appearing in other countries: the UK, the Netherlands (The Netherlands), Brazil (Brazil), Italian (Italy), Spanish (Spain), France (France), Czech Republic (Czech Republic), Slovakia (Slovakia), Turkey (Turkey) and many others. In the UK, his performances dubbed `the most dangerous show has ever appeared on ekranah`, and in Germany the judge who took part in the performance, admitted that at any moment were ready to die.

Ryan himself, however, says that the probability of error is minimal: no novice fighter will not get permission to speak to the sword on television in real time, and therefore guarantee the security of all participants can be many years of training in gyms around the world. Hayashi also proud to be the first who dared to performances with the ancient martial arts on the screen - this is how it seemed to many before it, can damage the credibility of the great teachers who share their knowledge only with the elected.

In 2011, as part of the Canadian Ryan team won first place in the championship, which was the organizer of the World Association of Kickboxing and Karate. In the individual standings in the competition with a weapon Hayashi took first place with a unique rating of 9.99 out of a possible 10.

Today, Ryan continues his training and performances. Last time he appeared on the screens in 2013, under the British transfer `Guinness World Records - On The Road`.

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