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American operatic bass singer who became famous for his interpretation of the character roles of the bass repertoire.

He made his debut at the Metropolitan Opera (Metropolitan Opera) in 1993in roles coppers Gans Folytsa (Hans Foltz) in `Nyurnbergskih meysterzingerah` (Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg) Richard Wagner (Richard Wagner). With tech ferret Ryan alle spell of kontsertnyh and teatralynyh scene Vseh 50 amerikanskih shtatov, performed with many major US opera companies, and as a guest soloist on tour in Russia (Russia),Israel (Israel), Poland (Poland), Norway (Norway), Sweden (Sweden), Finland (Finland) and Canada (Canada). As Allen got on the operatic stage with a theatrical stage, favorite roles in his repertoire have become characteristic bass parties, which require the development of character and stage movement.At the same time Allen repertoire is very wide and varied and includes a diverse party,from comic Don Basilio (Don Basilio) in Seville tsiryulnike` ` (The Barber of Seville) by Gioacchino Rossini (Gioacchino Rossini) to wretched one-armed hardworking Candy (Candy) in ` Of Mice and lyudyah` (Of Mice and Men) contemporary American composer Carlisle Floyd (Carlisle Floyd). In addition, Allen has performed as a soloist ,singing oratorios with various symphony orchestras. In 1989 he made his debut at Carnegie Hall (Carnegie Hall), where Allen sang the bass solo in `Rekvieme` (Requiem) by Mozart (Mozart).

Vocals Ryan Allen - a lyrical bass, able to take the lowest and deep tone, which only created the opera composers.He sang the role of Seneca (Seneca) to the `Coronation Poppei` (L`Incoronazione di Poppea) Claudio Monteverdi (Claudio Monteverdi), which requires a low` re` great octave. He has also established himself as a versatile performer, not limited to operas and oratorios - Allen can be seen in musical theater,where the artist plays with great success, for example, the role of Judge Turpin (Judge Turpin) in the musical `Sweeney Todd` (Sweeney Todd). It is very popular and operetta stage, where the preference for the works of Gilbert and Sullivan (Gilbert and Sullivan), such as operetta `Mikado` (The Mikado).Together with the late Martha slurry (Martha Schlamme) Allen participated in the production of `Cabaret Kurt Vaylya` (A Kurt Weill Cabaret), Broadway, and not only the formulation composed of the music of the German composer.

Allen has participated in several world premieres,including the first opera staging Cleveland (Cleveland Opera) `Holy Blood and Crescent Moon` Stewart Copeland (Stewart Copeland) and` Keg amontilyado` (The Cask of Amontillado) Russell Curry (Russell Currie) in the performance of the musical group` Bronx Arts Ensemble`. Russell Curry wrote a monodrama `Kaliban` (Caliban),using a replica of Shakespeare`s Caliban `Buri` (The Tempest), specifically for the Allen and dedicated the play to him. Allen can be heard in the role of Elvira (Elviro) on the recording Handel `Kserksa` (Xerxes), made in 1994 by` Koch Schwann`; on recordings of works of Russell Curry made label `High Fire`;and see as Betto (Betto) in the video `Skikki` Gianni (Gianni Schicchi), staged by the Metropolitan Opera.

He studied at the College of Austin (Austin College) in Sherman, Texas (Sherman, Texas), graduating with a bachelor`s degree in English, and the University of Texas at Austin (University of Texas at Austin). Currently,Allen lives in Edgewater town, New Jersey (Edgewater, New Jersey).

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