Ruth Gottig

Picture of Ruth Gottig

Age: 36

Citizenship: United Kingdom

weight loss history of `Pink Zefirinki`

Gottig Ruth (Ruth Gottig). 36-year-old Briton, dropping almost 38 kg, after seeing a photo on your double chin.

Seeing your picture from the wedding friend, Ruth Gottig experienced a real shock about his size - and over the next nine months dropped almost 38 kg.

A mother of five children, 36-year-old Ruth Gottig of Carleton, Lancashire (Carleton, Lancashire), stout up to 95 kg. She did not notice the changes in your body, he is not looked at wedding photos, where posing in pink evening dress.

Determined to give up the junk food and start to practice, Ruth lost almost 38 kg and completely updated your wardrobe.

The wife of 41-year-old Greg Gottiga says: `Recently I indulged myself in fashionable pink dress oblipochku. The image of a thick, pink zefirinki navsegda` disappeared.

Mrs. Gottig, who runs his own cleaning company, always keep yourself in shape, yet not given birth to five children. Now her daughter Anastasia - 16 years, daughter Maddalena - 15, the son of George - 9, daughter Gabriella - 4, and son William - 2.

Ruth says, `I have always remained slim until the children. With a little discipline, I struggled with postpartum weight after the birth of the first two children. However, to light a third and then a fourth rebenok`.

Being a sweet tooth, Mrs. Gottig tried to take a balanced and healthy diet. However, during the day, she still allowed herself to a chocolate snack or candy. She also favored soft, but overly sweet syrup when thirsty.

Ruth says: `I got into a vicious circle. The more I ate sugary vkusnyashek, the more I wanted. I so needed sugar, Chthon could drink plain water without adding tonic `Vimto ``.

One day Mrs. Gottig in-law said that he had never seen her so plump.

`He is known for his directness, - says Ruth - so I knew he was not trying to hook me, but still I was devastated. I hid it in my mind a remark bins and tried to ignore skazannoe`.

In November 2013, Ruth bought a pink pleated dress, which appeared at the wedding of a friend. A little later, she was stunned when she was shown a picture from the wedding. Mrs. Gottig finally opened her eyes to the fullness.

`I do not look attractive - she recalls. - I`m more like a blancmange amorphous. I had no idea how let herself stout, but the camera revealed all without reserve. I looked at the photo - and for the first time in my life noticed at double podborodok`.

`Deny what he saw was useless. It is time for something menyat`.

Desperate to return the slender form, Ruth went to the local gym and start a diet. She chose the intensive training, weight lifting and running.

Mrs. Gottig began to count calories, instead of chocolate start to eat rice cakes and left as the only one drinking water.

Today Briton eats porridge for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch and smoked salmon with cottage cheese for dinner. For nine months, she lost weight by almost 38 kg.

Ruth says: `I had to go shopping, to change completely wardrobe. I could not believe how many lost vesa`.

`Now that my weight is usually at around 57 kg, my in-law tells me that I`m too thin. But I feel just potryasayusche`.