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Date of Birth: 08/24/1988

Age: 28

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Being a big fan of the Harry Potter books, he says, that is very similar to Ron. Indeed, Rupert loves sweet, afraid of spiders, he had a large family, and to top it all, he has red hair color. Of course, the role of Ron, he was no accident, and about how he made an application to the casting should tell.

First, immediately after learning about the casting, he gave himself the installation of what else to win the role. And that`s what he did: Rupert changed into his tetralnogo teacher (a woman!) And composed a song in the style of rap, where it just explains why Ron wants to be. And it all worked. The company Warner Bros. I decided that the best way to play Rupert Ron. And so it happened. ;) "When I first came to the shooting, I was very nervous, I did not know what to do It was a novelty, but now I`m used to this daily work.". Now he is a professional, well-known for his role playing with Dan and Emma, ??and when it comes to their relationship on the set, Rupert tactfully replied: "We have all become a little higher, and, of course, grown up." In his 17, Rupert - the oldest of the three, but it does not mean that he uses his advantage. "Dan and Emma is very adult, but Dan is also a very clever", - modestly adds Rupert.

But the role of Ron - not the only one. After a kind of triumph in the Harry Potter series, Rupert starred in the 2002 film "Thunder in the pants", where he played a brilliant science boy who quickly sdruzhivaetsya Patrick, a boy, who always appear not quite ordinary problems. Together they enter the fantastic adventures that lead out right up to the US Space Center.

On the set of "Harry Potter" is a lot of free time, and Rupert, ending finally with the school, I found something else to do, in order to occupy themselves. He began to collect model aircraft with a real engine. In this difficult lesson to him to help the brothers in the film - Phelps twins. "We have not yet finished his capture, but when we finish - he can fly!" - Rupert laughs. And the trio lifted own movie about the adventures of Lego-man: "We had a camera, and we decided to rent a small video I took on the animation art lessons, so we do well, and everyone had fun.".

Rupert has just finished shooting the film "Driving Lessons."

"Work on the fourth film won a total of a year. All this time I was Ron. So it was fun to ride the car." In life, he was just learning to drive, but his family was not so worried about him, as his mother in the new film: "My parents have always supported me and understood, and everything always allow".

But along with the global success appear so significant rumors that Rupert does not take seriously, but likes to recall a couple of quite ridiculous: "I remember saying that I`m going to play Umpu Lumpy in the film" Charlie and the Chocolate Factory "- says Rup, laughing, - "is not that funny ?!"

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