Ruoiah Banda

Picture of Ruoiah Banda

Date of Birth: 02/13/1937

Age: 79

Place of birth: Miko

Nationality: Zambia


Rs Bwezani Banda was born on February 13, 1937 in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe`s old name), in the town of Miko. His parents were originally from Northern Rhodesia. Rs received an excellent education, first secondary school (by the standards of the time it`s a lot!), Then the University of Ethiopia, a little later - Lund University in Sweden and Cambridge. A career politician Banda began in 1960, when he joined the youth wing of the UNIP party. In the early 60-xx years of the last century was the representative of the party gang in Northern Europe, and in 1965 was appointed ambassador of Zambia in Egypt.

In 1967, Rs Bwezani Banda became Ambassador of Zambia to the United States, and has served in this position for more than two years. Political opponents Gangs sure: this fact biographies and let him in November 2008 to become the fourth President of Zimbabwe. They are confident that the results of the presidential elections, in which Banda had the support of Washington, manipulated without the involvement of the US administration.

After the diplomatic work in the US The gang returned to his homeland and took over as CEO of the National Council for Agricultural Development (Zambia in agriculture is a very important position). However, after two years Rs Banda again leaves the country: he becomes a permanent representative of Zimbabwe to the United Nations.

In the period from 1975 to 1991. Banda takes razlichnyedolzhnosti - from the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Minister of Mines.

In September 2006, the President of Zimbabwe Levi Mvanasava appoints Rupiah Banda Vice President.

Two years later, in June 2008, during the African Union meeting in Mvanasany a stroke, and it urgently hospitalized. Rs Banda takes leadership of Zimbabwe in their hands, constantly assuring countrymen that the health of the President Mvanasany "all is well".

Despite the optimistic statements of his assistant, August 19, 2008 Mvanasana died in a Paris hospital from heart failure. Later, doctors say that the hope for the salvation of the President of Zimbabwe has not been from the beginning, as they have repeatedly warned the country`s leadership. Banda announces seven-day national mourning, and fix the date of new presidential elections, which also intends to take part.

Rupiah Banda main rival in the elections was the leader of the Patriotic Front of Zimbabwe, Michael Sata, a supporter of radical reforms. Initially, Sata was leading, but with the arrival of the data from the remote rural areas of Banda yet stepped forward, and won with a difference of 3% of the votes. Michael Sata immediately announced the voting results were rigged, but this did not prevent Rupiah Bwezani Banda November 2, 2008 has officially become the President of Zimbabwe.