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Place of birth : Hollis, Queens County, New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


In 2004-om trendy music magazine `Rolling Stone` gave them forty- eighth place in the list of ` Greatest musicians of all vremen`. The 2007th trio named ` Greatest Hip -Hop Team All Vremen` and MTV channel version. April 4, 2009, they included a ` Hall of Fame Rock and Rolla` - `Run-D.M.C.` became the second hip- hop group ,awarded this honor after `Grandmaster Flash` and ` The Furious Five`.

`Run-D.M.C.` - hip-hop group from Hollis, Queens County, New York. Founded by Joseph was `DJ Run` Simmons, Derrillom ` DMC` McDaniels and Jason ` Jam Master Dzhey` Mizellom. The team, of course, had a huge impact on the development of hip- hop movement. In the eighties it was the most famous hip- hop team ; exactly at the time they were able to do that then seemed impossible - to turn hip- hop into the popular mainstream style. The 2004th trendy music magazine `Rolling Stone` gave them forty- eighth place in the list of ` Greatest musicians of all vremen`. IN 2007-th trio named ` Greatest Hip -Hop Team All Vremen` and MTV channel version. April 4, 2009, they included a ` Hall of Fame Rock and Rolla` - `Run-D.M.C.` became the second hip- hop group, was awarded this honor after ` Grandmaster Flash` and `The Furious Five`.

Trinity founders of the group lived in the same neighborhood Hollis. As a teenager, Joseph Simmons ,at the request and recommendation of its starshegobrata, beginner hip hop promoter Russell Simmons became the stage DJ for rapper Curtis Blow - ward Russell. Speaking under a pseudonym `DJ Run, son Blou` Curtis, Curtis Simmons began to throw up rhymes and play beat- boxing for the audience. Often he came home in Hollis ,and gave a listen to recordings of his speeches, his old friend Darryl McDaniels. Initially McDaniels More interested in sports than music, but soon he still changed the direction of force application, got a DJ setup and started to learn to reduce the melody. Simmons convince others to try and rap ,although the act he has not had a chance, Joseph soon began writing lyrics and came up with a nickname `Easy D`. After a while - when McDaniels was able to overcome fear of public speaking - the musicians began to hang out around `Two-Fifths Park`, hoping to catch the opportunity to earn some money from the speakers and DJs competing here. The most popular DJ Park was Jason Mizell ; He was known for his colorful robes ; Despite his young age, he has already managed to fuck some friction with the law. However, the guy just changed his mind and decided to take up music professionally ; he first began to speak it in the park. After a while he saw the work of Simmons and McDaniels ,and soon the three of them worked. Russell Simmons repeated the success of its first project - Curtis Blow - and began to spin, and a younger brother. Recorded with the help of their first single called `Street Kid`. The song almost did not notice, but the manager did not lose enthusiasm. DJ Run invited him to record a second disc with McDaniels ;the idea is not particularly liked Russell (his procedure irritated style rhyme Joseph) , but after a while he managed to convince, and the second disc was recorded a duet by Mizella speaking DJ. A year later, Russell helped the team with another album - then came the name `Run-DMC`,and it was then that friend is the name of a hated. Fears of them, however, did not come true - the first single command `It`s Like That / Sucker MCs`, released at the end of 1983, was passed quite well. The approach to hip-hop was quite revolutionary - aggressive, sharp rhymes and data bits to a minimum. Inspired by the success ,friends recorded their debut album, named after the group. He almost immediately became a hit, and at the moment, according to many, is the first classical album of hip-hop. Following the publication of at least two out of successful singles, confirmed that `Run-DMC` - not a group of a song. The third single, `Rock Box`, was in actual fact an elegant fusion of hiphop and hard rock and cemented his reputation as a team of talents.

Rapid ascent group to the heights of success with their new style and sound, marked the beginning of a new era in hip-hop ; from that moment the old teams had to adapt to new trends. `Run

-DMC` Managed to reshape the whole aesthetics of hip- hop music and culture. By the mid- nineties, however, the band`s popularity waned. They have virtually no recorded. Jay produced and taught young artists (including the then inexperienced ` 50 Cent`); DJ Run divorced, married again and concentrated on charity and spiritual development ; McDaniels also married ,He played in one of the albums `Notorius B.I.G.` and plunged into family affairs. The Group continued to travel with tours, but for a long time so could not continue. The hardest Joseph suffered - he fed up with the group as a whole and conflicts with Simmons in particular. First, however, the group left Simmons. At a joint concert with the `Aerosmith` he suddenly announced ,more does not intend to act, failed to convince him. Desk after the band did not hold, and did not enroll. However, by that time they had already secured a firm place in the history of world music

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