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Date of Birth: 10/29/1967

Age: 49

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Actor Rufus Sewell was born in 1967 in London, UK. His father, animator Bill Sewell (he worked on the famous Beatles` Yellow submarine lodkoy`), left the family, and soon, when Rufus was ten years old, died. Under the care of the mother, too loyal to pranks son, Rufus grew quite freely, claiming themselves to the world with all means available. He painted in unimaginable color hair, drove too pious love and even had trouble with the law. Whatever it was, it did not prevent him to go to a prestigious London Central School of Speech and Drama (Central School of Speech and Drama).

After studying for a full three years, he left her in June 1989. Incidentally, in the years of study Rufus constantly undergoing financial difficulties, so he had to work a janitor, an assistant carpenter, and even the drummer in rock band.

His acting debut on the London stage vspektakle `Making It Better`, for this role, the young actor was awarded the` Best Newcomer Award`. Following Rufus appeared in a production of Tom Stoppard`s `Arcadia`. The result of this was the appearance of a nomination for `Olivier Award`. Then followed Broadway award `Broadway`s Theatre World Award` for acting part in` Translations`. And yet Sewell appeared in film and on television.

The first work in film was the role of a drug addict in the film Bobby Don Boyd `Twenty odin` (Twenty-One) in 1991. In the 93 th Rufus starred in the thriller Michael Winner `Dirty uikend` (Dirty Weekend).

Popularity among viewers Sewell received due to his numerous roles in television films and serials - telelente `Wind peremen` (Middlemarch), the comedy` uncomfortable ferma` (Cold Comfort Farm), drama `The Woodlanders`, adventure film` Arab priklyucheniya` and others.

Despite the fact that the external data is excellent bright-eyed handsome actor could serve him in good stead in the competition of romantic character, Rufus often plays in films terrorists, murderers, alcoholics, drug addicts, losers and other valiant men.

However, this role has been somewhat sidelined in 1998 - when he played a Venetian aristocrat in the biographical drama Marshall Herskovitz `Fair kurtizanka` (Dangerous Beauty). Scandalous love story came to mind the audience and the actor gladly spent time in Italy. `I lived in a beautiful house of the fourteenth century and is now pleased to recall how wandered the streets - I was full of free time - photographed sitting in cafes ... and I thought,` Oh, I`m so lucky sometimes` - so says! Rufus those Italian shooting.

In 2000, the actor was able to work with stars like Kim Basinger and Christina Ricci in the film Chuck Russell `Save and sohrani` (Bless the Child).

The role of Count knight in the movie Brian Helgeland `History rytsarya` (A Knight`s Tale) went to Rufus in 2001, and the following year played in Sewell Christian Duguay in` Ekstremaly` (Extreme Ops).

Among recent works actor Rufus - Fabrice Du Welz thriller `Dusha` (Vinyan) joint European production, as well as the American thriller` Downloading Nensi` (Downloading Nancy) director Johan Renca. Both films were released in 2008, but other than that the actor joined to a pair of series - `In the last mig` (Eleventh Hour) and` Pillars zemli` (The Pillars of the Earth).

Currently, in addition to his film work, Sewell plays at London`s Royal Theatre.

In 1999, Rufus Sewell married Yasmin Abdallah, however, a year later a couple a divorce. The second marriage of the actor, Amy Gardner, also collapsed, in this family have a son Sewell.

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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